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5 Tips for DIY Wedding Flowers

Weddings are one of the most memorable events of a person’s life, filled with romantic details. However, weddings can be expensive with various details to invest on, like cake, attire, dinner, drinks, food, confectionaries, floral decoration, etc. The good news is that you can save a little cash by DIY wedding floral arrangement. You just need flower and some skills.

Here are some tips for this.

Order flowers in bulk

Being a bride, you must have some special choice regarding wedding flowers. You can compare their prices at various online and local floral stores. You can also browse the cost of DIY wedding flowers on multiple websites and look for best combinations. Once you have decided the flowers, order them in bulk to save the cost.

Keep it simple

Unless you are a skilled florist, don’t try your hand out on complex floral arrangements. Keep it simple and stay away from complications. In addition, incorporate only a few varieties of flowers. Pay attention to the sturdiness and consistency of flowers. Also, flowers should be fresh until the event. It is advisable to stick to two to three hardy blooms – one first flower and others to complement it. For example, you can choose roses and hydrangeas for main flowers and ranunculus as a filler. You can also complement your floral arrangement with a good dose of greenery, like eucalyptus leaves.

Finalize design and assemble

Enlist the designs and invite your helping hands a day before the nuptials. You can also take help of either wedding party or freelance florist to do the task. Designers can also be hired to save stress.

Floral materials

It is an important task which should not be left for the last moment. Going on trips to craft store the day of your wedding will be the last thing you would like to do. So, make sure that you have purchased everything you will need in advance, like bucket for flowers, trimmers, floral tape, pins, vases, decorative material, and de-thrones.

Plan for storage

Once you receive the flowers you have ordered, you will need to store them somewhere clean and safe to let them property bloom and stay fresh. The venue might not let your store the flowers in advance, so think of the best alternative which should ideally be a cool place with some natural light.

Once you follow these tips, it becomes easier to assemble your flowers ready for the grand day. All the best!

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