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5 Tips For Finding The Best TV Under Your Budget

Before now, televisions were basically for watching news and movies. However, with technology advancing every day, TVs value has increased, and now one can use it to play games, watch movies with a USB stick, live-stream films and shows through the internet, and be connected with a Smartphone. These fantastic features make it pretty complicated to select the perfect TV, especially when working with a budget. 

It might seem easy to purchase a suitable TV, but it's not that easy. It is not about having the funds, going online or to a physical store, and picking one TV that catches your fancy. The truth is, you now have to deal with more specifications, abbreviations, and numbers while making your best TV choice. 

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Planning saves you a whole lot of stress when you want to select the appropriate TV. Window-shop and note the things you want in a TV down so this can guide your purchase. Learn everything you need to know about the newer television models, know which fits your budget, and buy a TV becomes very easy for you. 

This article will guide you on your shopping journey to buy the best TV you can afford while having a great shopping experience. 

There are five tips here to help you to find a TV suitable for your budget.

  1. Screen Resolution and display

TV manufacturers are swiftly keeping up with technology, so most TVs above 40 inches nowadays have the 4K resolution, also known as the Ultra HD resolution. The 4K models have a higher value of the pixel standard of the HDTV (1920 by 1080 and 3840 by 2160). Even the tiniest object in a 4K TV resolution comes out with more details and sharpness. The texts are sharper too. Movies on Netflix and other online streaming services now have 4K resolution contents. 

Although full HD 1080p is still very common and affordable, the intelligent choice is to go for a 4K resolution model like LG 65UN7300PTC, especially when choosing a smart TV.

There are two options when considering the display aspect of a television: LCD and OLED. The LCD (liquid crystal display) illuminates pixels through a LED backlight, and this gives limited viewing angles, but the advantage is that they are generally more affordable, bright, and durable. The QLED falls under this category, but it contains the "quantum dot layer,” enabling QLED TVs to display a broader range of colors. 

Each pixel is illuminated individually and can be controlled with OLED, enabling wider viewing angles and better black coloration. When you view OLED TV from any angle, you get the same display quality because the pixels are illuminated individually. But OLED TVs have the price to match up with this advantage.

  1. HDR

HDR means a high dynamic range. The higher the HDR of the TV, the better the quality of the pictures. Televisions with higher HDR provide images that look more life-like than the older models. Higher HDR gives more colors, more brightness, and more contrast levels. Look out for HDR 10 or Ultra HD premium as your standard high dynamic range. There are movies available in this range online and on discs, so you should choose a TV with HDR support. You can get the one that fits your budget.  

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  1. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is usually in Hertz (Hz), with the standard being 60Hz. That means images are refreshed 60 times in a second. Newer TV models have up to 240Hz, which is the highest refresh rate so far, but your budget determines your choice and what you want your TV to do for you. Televisions with 120HZ are good because they will not create blurry scenes during football or movies with fast-moving objects. You don't want a blurry scene when playing games or watching a car chase scene in fast and furious.

  1. HDMI Connections

Older models of TVs need just a few thin cords to connect to other devices, and usually, the devices were like two. Most TVs had enough space to hook up these devices. Currently, there are so many devices that you can connect to a TV set. Before you choose your new TV set, consider the number of devices you want to attach to it. 

After linking your sound system, game console, cable TV decoder, and Blu-ray device, you have no space left to hook up more devices. So you should pick a TV set that has at least 4 hdmi portst to watch Laughing buddha HD. You don't want to keep removing your game console cord before you can insert the Blu-ray device.

  1. Price and The Best Time To Buy


TV prices come in three classes: the basic or standard, premium, and the elite or luxury. You can get a standard TV within your budget, and it will serve the purpose it is meant for. The important thing is to know the exact features you need in a TV set. 

To get a good deal, the best time to buy a TV set is during the holidays. That's the season of the year that you have the black Friday deals, Christmas deals, and end-of-the-year discounts. Another good time is when the manufacturers release new products and place the older models on discounts. These are the two times you need to watch out if you are working with a tight budget.

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If you want the best TV that falls within your budget, follow the tips in this article and buy from a reliable store. 


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Daniel Zayas
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