5 Tips for getting quality backlinks


As soon as you own a blog, you enter this race where each site tries to obtain the best positioning and a growing number of visitors.

Therefore, you have developed an SEO strategy by following the evolution of the SEO criteria set up by Google. Despite your best efforts, you are struggling to position yourself at the top of the list and the number of visits to your blog is steadily increasing.

Have you thought how to get backlinks, the links from external sources pointing directly to your articles? However, this is one of the most important factors to take into account to improve your positioning on Google.

To get quality backlinks, follow our tips.

Develop quality content


If your blog posts aren't interesting, or the quality of your writing leaves something to be desired, don't expect to get how to buy backlinks. You need to make other people want to relay your content, so quality is key.

Certain types of content will also be more easily shared:

The lists: An item in a list can quickly become viral.

Free downloads: If you provide free (quality) resources to download, the noise will quickly spread.

Interviews: The experts interviewed will be the first to share your content on their blogs and / or social networks, and you will gain credibility.

Comparison of products or services: If you end up announcing which one you think is the best, you can be sure that the company concerned will share your article

Infographics: This is one of the best ways to get backlinks from popular media. For example, Mashable, The Huffington Post or The Verge regularly share infographics.

Promote your content

Developing quality content is good, but you still have to make it known.

There are many solutions available to you. For example, you can comment on blogs dealing with the same topic in order to make yourself known.

There are also forums, such as Quora, where you can open a discussion and insert a link to your blog. However, be careful to remain discreet so that your discussion does not act too much as open advertising to your site.

Finally, don't forget about social media. You can create a page on Linkedin or Facebook from which you share your articles and other content or even try to contact influential people on Twitter.

Offer Guest Blogging

In addition to obtaining a backlink, guest blogging will allow you to develop your notoriety.

However, it is important to choose the sites on which you can submit an article because remember, your goal is to get a quality link. So do a little research on sites dealing with the same theme as you and choose those that are already well referenced by Google.

Then be sure to come up with several topic ideas and then provide a quality article.

Contact influencers

You can use tools to find influencers addressing your theme: BuzzSumo, Launch Metrics or Brand24 can help you.

Do not hesitate to contact as many influencers as possible to have the best possible chance of getting your content shared.

Find 404 errors

This technique is not very well known but it can bear fruit since 404 errors provide a bad user experience and therefore impact the quality of the content offered by a site.

The objective is therefore to find broken links on other sites (always in your theme), thus generating 404 errors, to then offer the brand to repair them by redirecting to quality content: yours. This way everyone is a winner.

By implementing these different strategies, you will get a greater number of backlinks and considerably improve your positioning.

The quality of the content remains the key to good SEO, however, do not hesitate to call on professional writers for the writing of your articles.