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5 Tips for Windows Media Player that you don’t know

No doubt, if you are a windows user, you are definitely aware of the Windows Media Player which is the default media player for all the windows operating systems. So, no one needs a separate introduction to this as everyone knows it very well. We use this to play audio and video files. And most of us know that it also supports online streaming of music and videos, thus lets us rate the music. It helps to access those files easily. Undoubtedly most of the media players uses are well aware of most of the tips and tricks but there are more hidden and unrevealed features to know.

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Unrevealed windows media player tips

There are some features hidden in the media player which are unknown by many. So today I will explain those unrevealed 5 tips that are new to you. After learning those you will feel that they are more powerful users of media players.

Look for audio and video files using operators.

You may have many audio and video files in your windows PC and are visible in Media Player. Let’s say that you want to open a certain file but there are so many files in that name, then it would be a great challenge for you to find the needed one. So to make it easy you can use the operator feature to find that particular file. Here in the operator feature, you can use AND or OR operator to search the audio and video file. It means you can quickly find the audio file by song name and the singer’s name.

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By using this AND operator with the singer’s name, you can easily find the right file although there are lots of files with the same name. All the search results will be shown through the information inside your audio and video file of your system, but you can even use the search engine with ratings and other parameters. Readmore: Fixed Sound Not Works on Huawei

You can search through years.

Another plus feature of windows media player is search through years. If you love to hear both old and new songs and your media player is filled with the 1980s to the latest date, then this feature will help you to find the old songs and new songs you want easily. And also, you can highlight the search pattern using “starting year… ending the year”, then the system will check your album which has the year between the highlighted range contain the starting year and end year.


For an instance, think that I want to find the songs from 2012 to 2014, then I will enter ‘2012…2014’ and the album under this range will appear on the screen.

Do you want stop sending player usage data into Microsoft?

Microsoft by default activates the option, sending player usage data in windows media player. This option is to improve the user experience of the player. And if you don’t want to send user data, then you can stop it. For that go to Tools>Options and click on the “Privacy “tab. Uncheck the option “Windows Media player Customer Experience Improvement Program”.

Hereafter your player usage data send is disabled. This is one of the coolest tips in windows media player.

Stop the high rated DVDs that you don’t want to play

If you want to stop playing the high-rated DVDs and only want to play certain good rating ones, yes there’s an option for that too. You can restrict playing the DVDs that are not in your specified rating list of your windows media player. To do this, go to Tools>Options and click on the DVD tab. Then click on the change button, it will open the “change rating restrictions” window. From the dropdown, select the DVD minimum rating which you need to restrict.

Then afterwards, DVDs higher than the highlighted ratings won’t play again. For instance, imagine that I need to restrict my windows media player playing DVDs with a higher than ‘R’ rating, then you need to select the value ‘R’ from the dropdown key.

Use Buffer

Windows media player gives the facility to stream online. But due to network connection problems and other reasons, you may face some problems when streaming. In order to get a smooth flow of music or movie, the windows media player stores some content in the buffer, before starting the playback. That is what we called “Buffer”. This is a good tool to prevent slow internet speed and playback. Choose the value of buffer through Tools>Options and tap on the Performance tab.

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Also, below the Network buffering, highlight the value between 0-60. And according to the set specified value content will be stored before a playback. So, make sure to set a low value to buffer to speed your downloads.

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