Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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5 Tips Guide to Buy Right Floor Tiles For Your Home

Floor tiles are one the most common and notable building material that is used while constructing various types of buildings. You will surely Buy Brick Tiles for the exterior look but floor tiles are the stuff to buy if you are looking for an aesthetic interior. These tiles can be used in a variety of ways because they come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs.

The overall look and feel of your house depends upon the decisions you make while choosing the tiles so make sure you keep in mind the following tips when you go buy floor tiles for your lovely house.

Tile Size

Buying the correct size of tile for the desired room is necessary because a tile might look good in the kitchen but will be looking bad in the bedroom.

Therefore, keep in mind that the small size tiles also known as mosaic are popularly used in the kitchens and bathrooms because these tiles have smaller formats and stand out from the other tiles used in the lounge. Moreover, the lounge needs larger tiles to give a decent look which is pleasing to the eye for which there is an option of customization in terms of size.

Tile Color Scheme

The color of tiles you use can also make or break the deal because even if you choose the correct tile sizes, the wrong color combination can entirely ruin the look of the house.

It is recommended that one chooses a tile color that one loves and then decide the color scheme in respect to that color. Now, one can either use a simple color or try to make use of the bolder colors to give a stunning contrast to your interior looks. However in the end, it solely depends upon the personal preferences and choices but keeping these tips in mind might ease your task a bit.

Tile Material

Another significant factor where the choosing has to be done very wisely. There are a few options one must analyze before choosing the tile material because each one of them have their pros and cons.

Porcelain: It has luxurious looks because of its good quality and proper finishing. It is much easier to seal and maintain because they are not susceptible to wear and tear.

Stone: It is hard but durable flooring material and is expensive but will be requiring a lot of maintenance later on.

Ceramic: Do not confuse ceramics with porcelain. These tiles are less expensive than its counterpart and surprisingly durable and aesthetically appealing as well.

Tile Grout

Choosing the right grout color is also very important because a grout with good contrast can help emphasize the lines and design of the tiles. It will also ensure a more subtle effect but make sure you seal them properly otherwise it might cause staining.

Tile Quantity

Let us suppose you bought exactly 1000 tiles for your house and everything starts working out smoothly but all of a sudden; during the construction around 50 of them broke due to mishandling. This loss of tiles mean you will now need more tiles and might find yourself in a position where you are unable to find the same tiles because the vendor who sold them is out of stock. Therefore, it is always better to buy 10% extra tiles to keep a room for breakages and waste.

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