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5 Tips Not Get Blacklisted on Facebook

It is no mean feat to organically grow your number of followers or friends on Facebook. As the most prominent social network and online community with billions of profiles, it comes as no surprise that many entrepreneurs use this platform for promotion. These billions of accounts are your potential market because this is where your target audience hangs out. Moreover, the number of followers on your page or profile is also instrumental in expanding your brand’s reach.

Relying on Facebook for your digital marketing needs is the smart and practical thing to do. Because it takes a lot of effort, time, and money to grow your followers, it would be a nightmare to get banned. Your “misuse” of this platform can end with prohibition from publishing for a few hours to a week, or your account’s demise. If you don’t want your resources to go to waste, you must adhere to FB’s rules and regulations. Consider the following tips so you won’t get blacklisted on Facebook:

Craft Your Own Original Content 

It is tempting to use a Google image for your posts. However, doing so puts your Facebook account at risk. These images grabbed from the search engine have already been marked as a form of spam material. Relying on Google images will mark your account as spam. It would be best to rely on your original images for all your FB posts. 

Should you be inclined to share photos that you do not own, make sure, you have a proper license so there would be no complaints or issues down the line. You can also use material from other reputable sources. This warning is applicable for all text, videos, and links that you share. To ensure you are safe, err on the side of caution and make your original content when you post on Facebook. 

Mind Your Posting Times

One of the best ways to promote your business is using video content on Facebook. Video marketing statistics indicate that Facebook has 1.32 billion active users. If you use videos optimized for Facebook, your brand awareness rises by 67 percent. It is normal to feel excited to share fresh content because you want your clients to know more about your offerings. 

Further, we also share a tips to use single name on facebook by VPN. Is it possible, yes it is possible by using VPN indonesia. you can easily remove last name on facebook.

On the other hand, you can consider posting podcasts as another way of promoting your business, in the context of its rising popularity. As podcast statistics suggest, they can be used as an effective marketing tool, attracting customers to a brand and increasing the likelihood of them following the business on social media. 

However, you must be wary of posting identical content to pages and groups because this makes you look like a spammer. Don’t post the same content one after the other. Leave several minutes between each post and vary some of the words in the accompanying text, so you don’t look suspicious. For best results, don’t use your personal account as your business account.

Do Not Engage in Spamming Activities

As you can see, the Facebook team is against all kinds of spam. Apart from the activities mentioned above, one thing that the FB team hates the most is when you tag and reach out to people you don’t know. This is to consider spamming, especially when the person is not in the picture. Make it a habit to only friend request people you know because getting rejected several times can flag your account. It is also best to refrain from adding your friends to groups without their consent. 

To ensure that you can enjoy hanging out on Facebook for a long time, you must do the following: avoid sharing bogus links, veer away from controversial posts like racial slurs, like/comment at a normal pace, and make sure people know who you truly are. With so many dummy and bogus accounts, if your profile cannot be trusted, someone may report yours. Being suspected as a bot can get you banned from the platform. 

Conduct Target Research

It is tempting to share your content with everyone on the Facebook platform but you must know when and with whom to share it. Not every account is your target audience. Avoid randomly posting on other people’s pages, especially if you are not close. Do not annoy your fellow FB community or group members by spamming the walls with your ads. If you want to get quality results, you must be willing to conduct target research. This will give you reliable data that shows your buyers’ persona, so you can tailor-fit your campaigns. 

Making content for your specific niche is more effective. Don’t waste time, money, and resources promoting a group that has no interest in your products or services. Focus on the target audience that will increase your profitability. By learning to channel your campaigns to the right target, you can generate more leads and increase your client conversion. When you know who to reach out to, there will be less complaints and a decreased chance in getting blacklisted on Facebook. 

Beware that Bots-Learn About This

Be very cautious on Facebook because the post you make can make you appear like a spam-bot. In the same manner, your post can also be attacked by trolls, which are usually not-driven. These bots are automated programs designed to mimic humans. If you don’t want to be deemed as a bot, be intentional with how you use the Facebook app. Filter who can comment on your wall so you don’t give dummy accounts, or those will have ill-intention, the chance to sabotage your profile. 

Some unscrupulous business owners even do this to crush their competition, so be very careful about who you add. They mark your account as a spam one to get you off Facebook. If you detect this kind of behavior from one of the people in your contact list, you must remain proactive by blocking them first. If they are unable to see what you are posting, then they cannot attack you. Another way to address this problem is to report their profile directly to the Facebook team with an explanation of your circumstances. Most of all, do not forget to reinforce your privacy settings. 

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Final Word

If you are diligent in following these five tips, you will save yourself from the headache of losing your Facebook account. After working hard to grow your page and followers, you don’t want to waste your efforts. Getting blacklisted will be detrimental to your business’ growth and expansion plans. Be mindful of how you act on Facebook so you can stay active on this platform.

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