Monday, September 25, 2023
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5 Tips to a Confident Return to the Office

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have been out of the office. Some lost their jobs whereas others had their companies work from home instead. No matter what your situation is, you have to return to the office and you may feel nervous about it. Whenever you have to break a routine, it’s difficult to establish a new one. This is true even if you are simply falling back into an old routine.

Things will probably look different at the office when you return. You don’t have to stress about it, however. If you feel like you’re losing your confidence, here are five ways that you can get your confidence back at the office.

Remember Your Strengths and Integrate Them

After time away from the office, it is easy to develop imposter syndrome. You may feel like you do not belong or that you aren’t as qualified. Remind yourself that you were hired for a reason. You have talents and skills that put you in the position that you are in. It’s time to capitalize on your strengths when you return. Ask yourself what areas you shine in. Are you a strong communicator? Are you an innovator? Find ways to bring your talents to the table. If you’re a strong communicator, you can engage more with your team. You can hold discussions that make both you and your colleagues feel more comfortable. If others are struggling, your communication skills could help you to reach out.

Refresh Your Look Before You Return

If you’ve been working at home for the last several months, you probably got used to a whole new wardrobe. It’s time to let go of the lounge pants or comfortable house clothes. Instead of jumping back into the same outfits and looks that you had beforehand, refresh your wardrobe. Shopping for new work clothes can be fun and when you return to the office, you’ll feel good in the clothes you chose.

What makes you the most comfortable in your appearance? If you wear makeup, try new styles. Hit up the hair salon before your return to give yourself a new look. If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, you can look into Beverly Hills MD deep wrinkle filler. When you return to the office looking your best, it can increase your confidence.

Focus on Yourself Before You Return

It can be difficult to focus on yourself before you return to work. This is true if you had to start working from home or if you lost your job for a time. Try not to give in to stress before you return to work. Give yourself some leeway to do the things that make you happy. If it means focusing on your appearance, then focus on that. Self-care can be important leading up to your return. Otherwise, you may bring your stress and exhaustion into the office with you.

The night before you return to work, make sure to get plenty of sleep. While this might be difficult, make sure that you don’t drink caffeine too late into the evening, practice habits that help you relax and try to go into the office refreshed.

Communicate With Employers, Supervisors and Colleagues

If most of the office has been working from home for the last several months, then you aren’t going to be the only one who is feeling a little out of place when you return. You may be confused about new policies and any time that you have incomplete information, it is going to play on your insecurities. Make sure the lines of communication are open. Ask questions when you’re confused and don’t feel shy about it. When you ask questions, you show that you care about your job. When you stick to yourself and risk making mistakes, you look less confident. You don’t look as proactive.

Think of Yourself As an Actor

If you’re still having difficulty with self-confidence, think about the traits that a confident person has and imitate them. Stand taller, smile more and be open to discussion. Try to apologize less when you don’t have to and show your work with certainty. While you might feel nervous inwardly, the reactions to your confidence will be positive. Confidence is contagious. Eventually, it won’t be an act anymore. You’ll pick up on confidence-building habits and will feel better in the office.


Returning to the office can be stressful. Even if you’re ready to move out of the home office and return to the building, if it’s been a long time since you’ve been there, it might feel foreign. Like most, you probably want to put your best foot forward. You can only do this if you approach your job with confidence. Insecurity is natural, but you aren’t alone and with a few tips, you can increase your confidence in no time.

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