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5 Tips To Better Organize Your Warehouse With Mobile Shelving Systems

Are you one of those bosses whose goal is to improve your warehouse's performance, reduce accidents, maintain control of your inventory, or make better use of your storage capacity? An indisputable way to achieve this is to organize your warehouse rationally with mobile shelving systems. What can you do to order your warehouse properly and stop wasting time and money? Get it by following the steps to high-density shelving:


1.      Review the layout of your warehouse


First key element that is often the source of poor organization is the warehouse design. If this organization is not consistent, your warehouse will not reach its maximum profitability. You should consider the following three elements in high-density shelving when setting up your space:


·         Accessibility to goods: do your operators need access to goods? Some types of racking offer direct access to the pallets, and others do not. Have you chosen the correct mobile shelving systems?


·         Your storage capacity: your storage systems generate empty spaces, and, therefore, you are missing the opportunity to store more merchandise.



2.      Select the appropriate mobile shelving system to organize your warehouse


Do you only use a part of the storage capacity available in your logistics center? If the answer to this question is yes, check out the mobile shelving systems, you are using. Why not opt ​​for one of the high-density shelving systems, such as mobile shelvingto reorganize your space in the best possible way according to demand or for other more optimized storage solutions to store more goods?


Each mobile shelving system has its advantages. Not all of them adapt to your activity in the same way, to your organization's size and the number of referrals you store. However, we recommend that you bet on quality and quantity. It is important to use high-density shelving systems with a longer shelf life to achieve optimal storage capacity.




3.      Take advantage of consultancy. 


To renovate your warehouse or acquire a high-density shelving solution, whether automated or not, take advantage of professionals who will help you analyze your needs in-depth and detect failures in your current mobile shelving system and management. Since these organizations advise companies daily, they can also better understand each situation you might face.




4.      A viable and sustainable mobile shelving system is based on cooperation.


A warehouse is not planned every day. Therefore, the people who anticipate the future and undertake basic work are decisive. High-density shelving experts do the same: from the first idea to the execution, they stand by your side, analyzing your process and developing on this basis a viable shelving concept in both static and economic terms. The concept is not repeated a second time anywhere in the world. 



5.      Mobile storage and mobile shelving systems 


The mobile shelving system is generally the same as the conventional shelving system, but instead of having a structure anchored to the ground, it rests on rails. 

The mobile storage system manages to compact the racks and considerably increase the warehouse's capacity, mainly of pallets, without losing direct access to each reference. The mobile bases have motors, translation elements, electronic equipment, and various safety systems that guarantee safe and efficient operation.


With this system, almost all the advantages of compact storage are obtained, incorporating those of storage in conventional shelves. However, the use of space concerning these storage systems is even higher. The increase will depend on the type of forklift used, the facility's size, and the number of open streets required.



What makes mobile shelving systems the ideal partner for your shelving project?


Racking, storage, and mobile shelving systems are key to optimal and efficient performance and are the warehouse's backbone. This system provides you with the keys to obtain your warehouse's maximum potential, with shelving systems, pallet racking, small parts storage, mezzanine structures, and much more, all adapted to your needs. 

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