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5 Tips to Choose the Right Pergola for Your Space

A pergola is an outside space in your backyard you can use and enjoy all year round. Having a pergola in your backyard creates a defined space for outdoor leisure and enjoyment.

These days a backyard with a modern pool, a pool deck, barbecue area, and a smart pergola is a part of all modern hoses. 

A pergola enhances the beauty of a home. The right pergola can transform your backyard outdoor space into a relaxing and comfortable space. Before choosing the right pergola builder for your pergola, you need to pick a design and style of the pergola that you can love for the years to come.

So, refresh your backyard craving by adding a pergola and maximize its potential. Here are a few tips to choose the right pergola for your backyard space:

  1. The Purpose

Before adding a pergola to your space, think of a reason for its addition to space. 

  • Whether you want to create an additional living space to enjoy or need storage space? 

  • How are you going to use it, both in everyday life as well as on special occasions?

  • Whether you want a quiet oasis to relax and have a morning cup of coffee or have barbecues or elegant dinners?

How you plan to use the structure can help you and the pergola builder to make decisions in terms of various features you need to incorporate in the pergola at the building stage.

For some late-night stargazing, choose a more open-style pergola. If you are a party person, plan on space to accommodate your guests. Add an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and bar to entertain your guests.

  1. Style, comfort, and seating

The style of the pergola is one aspect. But it needs to cater for comfort too. An for that it is very important to accessorize your pergola with all the essentials including a comfortable seating arrangement.

Ask your pergola builder to make sure to choose a style that closely matches the style of your house.

  1. Shape, design, and color

Decide on the shape, design, and color of the pergola to make a massive effect on your outdoor space. 


Pergolas have a raised roof and offer a feeling of space. However, the roof can be flat, curved, or arched. Square and rectangular-shaped pergolas are the most popular shapes of pergolas. They can be easily attached to the house, increasing the aesthetic value of your house.

You can develop a rambling garden with lots of plants or a garden with plants planted neatly in rows. You can keep your shrubs neatly trimmed or with a bit of extra growth.

If you want to create a space that can be utilized all year round, then don’t forget to design your pergola to cater to year-round weather conditions. 

Try to be a bit creative with the capacity, color, and other design features of your pergola. A magnificent pergola can completely change the dynamics of your backyard. Your pergola builder can help you more in terms of designing.

Whatever shape, design, and color you choose for your pergola, it should coordinate with your home and its existing architecture. It will set the tone for your backyard space. Choose one that matches your style and choice.

  1. Choose the right construction materials

Pergolas can be built of wood, brick, stone, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, maintenance-free vinyl styles, and other sturdy materials. 

Wooden pergolas add a traditional feel and look and feel to space. Maintenance-free vinyl pergolas blend easily in any backyard decor and are long-lasting. Talk to your pergola builder to suggest the best construction material for your pergola.

  1. Convert your pergola to livelihood space

You can add a number of flowering plants and vines to your pergola. Vines can be used to provide shade to the structure. It will beautify the splendor of your pergola and convert it into a living structure.

Closing words

A wide range of styles and designs to choose from gives you the flexibility to create a pergola you will love for years to come.

Define your personal style, and decide the use of your pergola, discover various construction materials, colors, and comfortable seating, and plan for the shade for your pergola.

This pergola will enhance your garden’s appeal and make it more versatile.


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