Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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5 Tips to Create A Welcoming and Comfy Guest Bedroom

Staying as a guest at someone else’s house is not the most comfortable situation. A home is a special place and people find their bedroom the coziest room in the house. Leaving the comfort of one’s house is unsettling but a good host can make sure that you have a bedroom that can offer the same level of comfort.

A host needs to tap into a creative side and create the perfect guest bedroom. Here are a few suggestions that can help in creating a welcoming and warm guest bedroom.

Simple and Tasteful Décor:

When you are decorating the guest bedroom you should refrain from using a busy theme. You do not have to cover the whole room with a touch of your personal taste. Not everyone is going to agree with your personal taste in textures, fabrics, etc. A good guest room should have a tasteful and simple décor because most people are ok with simple décor. The guest room is in your house so you can add a touch of your personal taste but you need to keep the self-expression under control. Simple décor items like decorative valance sheets double, colorful pillows, etc. are a great addition to the guest bedroom.

An Empty Closet or Dresser:

 It is hard for people to feel at home if they have to live out of a suitcase. If there is an empty closet in the room where they can put their clothes and other belongings then it will create a homely feeling. Most of the guests appreciate an empty dresser because they like to unpack so their clothes are not a wrinkly mess.

A Sitting Area:

A good guest bedroom should always have a nice and small sitting area. If the guests are going to be staying a while then they may need a workspace. A small work table and a comfortable chair is always something that the guests would appreciate.

A Coffee or Tea Station:

People often prefer to enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea at night as it helps them in relaxing or focusing. When they are staying as a guest they cannot just go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and make a cup. You should find a clear space in the room so that can safely set a kettle or coffee maker. Use a small decorative basket to put creamer, coffee packets, milk, and tea bags alongside as well. It will make sure that the guests get to enjoy it whenever they want.

Wi-Fi Access And Contact List:

Nowadays connectivity is an integral part of our lives. It keeps people connected to the world. Make sure that the guest room has Wi-Fi access. You should print out the Wi-Fi information and paste on the door. It will make it easier for people to connect to the world.

You should also print out the list of your contact numbers. The guests should have the contact list so they can contact you in case of an emergency.

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