5 Tips To Fit A Roof Rack On Your Landrover Defender


A defender is one of the most versatile vehicles on the planet. It can take you through a variety of different terrains and climates. As such, it has always been a popular vehicle for off-roading. It's one of the few vehicles that can go just about anywhere and often accompanies those on expeditions into some of the most remote parts of our planet.


One problem with this rugged Defender is that it doesn't come with a roof rack - so you'll need to install one yourself if you want to take your Defender out on an expedition or two. This article will provide you with five tips to help fit a roof rack onto your land rover Defender safely.


How To Pick The Right Roof Rack.

1. Buy Quality Parts For Installation.

Bolts are one type of part that makes installation more straightforward - they can securely attach parts without having to drill or cut anything from within your car's bodywork. As with most things in life, high-quality does come at some cost, so ensure to get the best bolts to go with your Defender 110 roof rack.


2. Get The Right Size.  

 Whatever Defender roof rack you get, it needs to be the right size for your vehicle. To measure if a Defender roof rack is a correct size, simply take a tape measure and find the length of your Defender on all four sides. Roof racks are available in various sizes, ensuring that you have an accurate measurement before placing any orders.

3. Consider What You'll Be Loading On Your Rack.


Before installing your Defender roof racks, remember to measure the capacity of your rack before loading it with anything heavy. This is due to how weight can shift and slide around while driving, resulting in an unsafe situation during transit.


4. Height Is Important.


Height is essential when it comes to Defender roof racks and where you'll be attaching them on your vehicle's bodywork. Make sure that the Defender rack doesn't touch any of the other metal frameworks on or around your car, such as mirrors, brake lights, door handles, etc., because this could cause permanent damage.

5. Check The Laws In Your State.


Before buying a Defender roof rack, make sure to check what type of laws are in place for their use in your state/area. There may be restrictions if you're not a commercial trucking company, so do some research before making a purchase decision.

Tips On Installing A Roof Rack On Your Land Rover Defender.


There are other ways of doing this - for example; you could hire someone to do all the work for you. The problem with this is that they will charge you by the hour or shift instead of charging by the project - which may be more expensive.


Many people prefer installing racks themselves because they have complete control over their safety procedures and every aspect of how things go together. However, when in doubt, let somebody who knows what they are doing handle the installation.




1. Tools and Manpower


The installation process requires at least two people to carry out safely. One of the first things to do when installing a rack is to ensure you have all your tools and equipment ready. This includes a good set of step ladders, drill with various bits, a screwdriver that fits screws on racks and vehicles properly.


When selecting screw heads, check if it fits with screw size on racks and vehicles properly. Preferably use appropriate Phillips heads to Torx bit sets. This is important because not all cars are held together by bolts that fit these sizes. For example, Land Rover Defender uses M12 points, which must be drilled into place before using an Allen key to tighten down screws.

2. Go Through The Manual.


Before doing anything else, it's essential to read the instructions for installing a roof rack onto your Land Rover Defender carefully so that there are no problems or mistakes made during the installation process.

3. Pilot Holes.


Before drilling any holes into the steel frame rails, use masking tape to guide where not to drill, including near edges and corners. The reason why should be obvious; over time, these sharp metal pieces will start rubbing against the vehicle and leave scratches on the paint.

4. Use Towels Or Cloths.


Put a towel or cloth over your roof rack. This will prevent any scratching that might occur when hammering in screws. The towel will also reduce the amount of force and avoid damage to the roof rack or vehicle.

5. Avoid Over-Tightening The Bolts.


Over-tightening can cause stripping or crack in your Land Rover's body, which will lead to leaks that could ruin paint jobs for both car and box. If you're going off-roading, be sure not to over-tighten any screws at all. This is one security tip no DIYer should omit when assembling a roof rack onto their land rover Defender.




Defender roof racks can come with all sorts of features from a variety of producers. As a buyer, it's your responsibility to do the research and make an informed decision. And if you're using these tips we've outlined in this article for installing roof racks on Land Rovers such as the Defender, then you can enjoy all sorts of adventures with that new rack set up without fear of causing damage to your vehicle or others around you.

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