5 Tips To Grow Your Facebook Page Likes And Followers


Starting a Facebook page is easy. However, if the organic reach and engagement keep falling, growing your page can be quite challenging. 


With over 2.7 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks. Moreover, over 9 million active advertisers are using this platform to promote their products and services.


As so many advertisers are competing to gain organic traffic on their page, it may become difficult to improve your Facebook page likes and followers. Here, we have come up with five tips that can help you grow your follower count and get more likes on Facebook.


Upload Posts When Your Fans Are Online

Many people think that there is a universal best time to post on Facebook, i.e., in the afternoon. But it isn’t the case! Every brand or business has its own right time to post on Facebook. 


The reason? The best time to post on Facebook depends on several factors, for example, the type of industry you are in, the location of your audience, etc. 


So, it’s best to look at your own data and examine what works best for you. It will help you improve your Facebook page likes and views.


Share Viral Content

Memes, relatable quotes, videos, etc. are the common content types you will find on the most popular Facebook pages. When you share such content, your followers are likely to tag their friends in the post. It helps increase social media engagement.


If you don’t have enough resources to create your own viral content, you can still share the viral niche content with your audience. However, don’t forget to give credit to the content creator.


Reuse Or Recycle Your Top Posts

Reusing your top posts will provide more value to your content. When you re-post high-quality content, it generates as much engagement and reaches as the original posts. Besides, you can change the post a little and make it look fresh again by adding an image, video, or question.


If you post once or twice a day, you would have to wait for several weeks to re-post the content. It will prevent your Facebook followers from watching the same posts often and get bored. 


Watch What Other Facebook Page Owners Are Doing Different

The social media landscape is constantly changing. What worked well for you today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, it can be helpful to see the other Facebook pages and see what is working for them.


The ‘Pages to Watch’ feature of Facebook lets you compare your Facebook page's performance with similar pages. You can also check out the individual page’s top posts by clicking their page name.


If you are new to Facebook marketing, you can buy Facebook likes and kick-start your journey. It will gradually make your content visible and drive more traffic to your page.


Host A Contest Or Giveaway

Conducting hosts or giveaways is a great way to increase the audience’s engagement and get more likes on Facebook. However, there are some things to keep in mind-


Do It Occasionally

Unless it is the main focus of your Facebook page, hosting contests or giveaways regularly may sometimes annoy your audience. So, leave a few weeks or months between the two giveaways.


Give Relevant Gifts Only

The reward or prize should be relevant to your business. Your followers are participating in the contest because they would love to get your product as a reward. Moreover, they are the exact people you want to engage with. So, keep the prizes relatable.


Wrapping Up


These are some of the tips to gain more likes and comments on your Facebook page. While these tactics may take some time to show results, don’t get disheartened. Keep practicing these techniques and see what works best for you.