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5 Tips to Help You Garner Attention as an Event Manager on Instagram

Instagram has thrived as the most favourable app in 2018, ever since its inception in the world of social media. With as many as 95 million posts being shared by its users every day, Instagram witnesses a humongous amount of comments, stories, and posts pouring in every single second.

For those of you pursuing your career in event management, this is an important statistic to bear in mind. These statistics should be god enough to trigger your interests in event planning.

The gargantuan benefits and features that Instagram dish out like hashtags, tagging, location, and stories, are a few good reasons why this social media app should be of prime interest to the event managers. Here is a compilation of all the amazing ways on how to maximise the benefits from your Instagram usage and how to generate accelerating revenue scopes for your business.

How Can Instagram Be of Your Help in Event Planning Business?

Consider the Theme of Your Business and Kind of Posts

Your business of event planning has a tale to tell-which Instagram is willing to do. You can make your Instagram followers feel they are part of your event management business, with the help of the app. Try and chalk out your business theme. Take into consideration whether your theme would reflect something vivid for event management concentrated on birthdays, or something light and minimalistic for weddings.

The next thing to consider is what kind of posts you would want to share. Ask yourself if you would focus on posting only guest images or rather post on images of décor and stationery. Identifying your theme and posts would help you build the perfect strategy.

Utilise the Benefit of Instagram Advertising

The ad network followed by Instagram advertising is one of the best features doled out by the app, which can benefit the event managers. There are myriad ways as to how you can utilise the benefits of Instagram sponsor and advertising opportunities.

Given below are a few good ways you focus your advertising on Instagram:

Stories or In-Feed: You can target ads with the help of In-Feed or Stories, through Instagram advertising. Choose what is perfect for your targets?

Demographic: You can target the demographic with the help of an ad network, through Instagram-from age, interest, location to whether your target is on LTE or Wi-Fi or not.

Links to your profile or to your website: Would it be ideal to send traffic to your profile or to your website? Your targets and objectives shall help you determine that.

Concentrate on Earning Followers

In an event management business, you must engage with the users and interact with them to alleviate your followers and Instagram likes. One of the easiest ways to do that is through catchy captions. Captions have been seen as a great weapon to encourage potential followers and users in a miraculous way to get engaging with your posts and thereby increasing your followers.

Few Useful Tips on Growing Your Followers

·         Like and comment on different posts.

·         Tag other users like the vendors you deal with.

·         Tag the location where you would be holding the event.

·         Giving shoutouts through captions to other followers

Being an event planner, there are myriad opportunities for you to engage with your potential clients and followers to generate revenue and awareness for your business. With every step, make sure to enjoy the brim and showcase your character with the help of your profile. Your social media account can bring out the uniqueness of your character.



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