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5 Tips to Improve EPC Rating of a Commercial Building

Commercial properties have high energy consumption but that does not mean that it is not possible to bring down the consumption. The awareness about the importance of energy efficiency is increasing and high energy consumption devalues the property. High EPC rating is essential for enjoying success in the real estate industry. Tenants prefer buildings that have low energy consumption. A commercial EPC in London can offer an effective way of improving the energy efficiency of the property.

Here are a few energy efficient strategies that are highly effective in lowering consumption and improving EPC rating.

Checking Equipment Functionality:

Regularly inspecting the equipment and controls that make the building functional and comfortable is essential for energy efficiency. The HVAC system of the building should be in perfect condition so that it does not consume more energy than it should. Keeping the equipment in good condition will improve EPC rating and make the property stand out from the competition.

Smart Cleaning Options:

The commercial buildings are large and keeping them clean is not easy or cheap. A commercial building whether it is residential or office space needs cleaning. To lower the consumption you have to come up with smart cleaning options.

The lighting of the building is turned on and off as janitors go through floors of the building. Team cleaning is effective in saving energy and decreasing cleaning time. Occupancy sensors also make sure that all the lights are switched off as janitors vacate the floor. Day cleaning is also a smart strategy for bringing power consumption down.

Turning Off Equipment:

All equipment should be switch off during the off hours. Tenants can often forget to switch off things like copiers, kitchen equipment, task lights, etc. You should encourage the tenants and educate them about the importance of powering down the equipment.

You can use security personnel or cleaning crew to double check if the equipment is powered off or not. It will bring down the energy consumption considerably and improve EPC rating.

Creating an Energy Awareness Program:

If you want the occupants of your commercial property to abide by the energy efficient practices then you have to create awareness. It is hard for people to follow the energy efficiency rules if they do not understand their importance.

You can create an awareness program that allows you to educate the tenants. Promotional items like news releases and posters are an effective way of sharing important information. The company newsletters and building announcements are also a great option for getting the message around. The tenants should be aware of your energy saving goals so that they can help in achieving them.

Invest in Monitor Power-Management Software:

You may not think that leaving computer screens on does not impact energy consumption but it does. There are a lot of computers used in a commercial building and turning them off when not in use is effective in bringing down energy consumption. Power-management software for computer monitors, hard drives and CPU’s is a smart and profitable investment.

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