Saturday, December 2, 2023
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5 tips to improve your social media output

If your business doesn’t have a budget to outsource its social media postings, it often falls to you to create and post social media content. As you also have a business to run, here is a quick rundown of five things you can do to take the strain from keeping up with everyone else on social media.

#1 Get the most out of what you’ve already got (part one)

Just because you posted something on Facebook, it doesn’t mean you then have to come up with something new for Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. If the message in your content is relevant to your audience, you can adapt the format or the length of what you are posting to fit the criteria of the platform you are putting it on. This can be much easier than you thought when you consider two minutes carefully cut from one of your YouTube posts makes an ideal Instagram post, and cut further makes a series of TikTok videos.

#2 Get the most out of what you’ve already got (part two)

Fitting the criteria of the social media platform also controls how much exposure your content gets, which means you have to post less often to get the same amount of views. If you create just one piece of content on one platform or your website and just link to it from the others, very few of your followers will ever see it. If you put the full story on each platform with fewer links taking your follower away from the site, it will be seen by more of your audience.

#3 Get other people to create it for you (the higher the profile, the better)

Of course, you don’t have to create the content yourself, and the voice of somebody who already has an audience of their own can be a valuable tool when it comes to promoting your brand. The relationship with somebody who has their own profile to promote can be difficult, so it would be beneficial to use brand ambassador management software to manage your relationship with them and the promotional content they create for you.

#4Get live streaming

Rather than planning your content, scripting it, and all of that other time-consuming prep, you can just turn on your camera and say what's on your mind. While this can be a slightly risky tactic (you stand the chance of saying the wrong thing, or at least the right thing in the wrong way), your followers will appreciate seeing the ‘real’ you without all of the usual social media glitter. This is also the ideal sort of post for imparting personal stories or anything else that is more intimate than what you would normally post.

#5 Get creative and mix it up

If you normally post first thing in the morning, it won’t be long before engagement drops as your followers will see it as nothing special. The best tactic to keep people tuning in is to post in different formats at different times each day or whenever it is you choose to post. The more organic it feels, and the less staged, the more engagement could increase, as long as your content is relevant or useful to your audience.

Final thoughts

Getting on top of your social media output has gone in recent years from an afterthought to a daily priority. Using the tips in this article (which is by no means a complete list), will give you a starting platform that might make your daily posting on social media that bit easier.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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