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5 Tips To Make Your Mobile App User Experience More Engageable

Nowadays we have a habit of doing small tasks like checking emails, browsing the internet, playing games, and even watching Free Movie Apps on our mobile phones.

In fact, mobile manufacturing companies and mobile app developers are also manufacturing and developing mobile apps according to users’ needs.

But, as a user, sometimes people find some mobile applications not up to par.

So, if you are a developer or about to Hire Mobile App Developers India, you have to be careful about many little things that make a mobile app engaging.  And in this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best insider tips using which you make your mobile application more engaging.

5 Tips to Increase Mobile App Engagement

     The Simple the Better

 Design your mobile application as simple as you can. 

I know it sounds like the same old advice but I’m telling you this because it matters a lot.

And by simple, I mean to design your application in a way that is easy to understand and use.

Everyone uses mobile apps for specific purposes. So, only include relevant features in your mobile app so your users don't get confused.

That being said, you should also try to avoid complex color combinations and the layout of your mobile application.

A simple tip that has proved to work is sticking to a single color combination which can be your brand color like red is for Zomato and orange is for Swiggy. 

Remember, simple and easy to understand and use mobile apps generally attracts more users.

    Competitor Analysis

You might have heard this saying that goes like "keep your friends close and enemies closer".

In the mobile app market, keeping an eye on your competitor is important to outrank them. 

Therefore, you should keep track of what your competitors are up to on a regular basis. 

For example, you should check all the similar applications on the App Stores which are the same niche as yours. 

In fact, if possible, you should also download them and use them. 

Just begin by making a list of good and bad things about each of your competitors’ applications, and avoid their mistakes while building your mobile app to make it more engaging than your competitors. 

This approach will help to increase the chances of your target users choosing your application over your competitors once they realize your app is better in terms of everything. 

In short, execute an in-depth competitor analysis, identify their negative points, and make your mobile app better. If you don’t have the resources in-house, be sure to out-source, in Sydney, Australia, Rocket Lab is an industry leader in mobile app development. 

    Say No to Advertisements 

The most common way to earn more through applications is ads. 

Here’s a common scenario. - Someone is using your application to achieve the goal he or she wants. Now, whether your application is for entertainment or e-commerce, it doesn't matter. 

What matters is the user experience of your mobile app. 

For instance, you will find many applications that display too many ads including video ads which users nowadays find very irritating. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why they lose so many users. 

To avoid this with your mobile app, you should start displaying irritating advertisements until you’ve achieved an appropriate milestone. 

    Stands Out from the Line 

If you want more engagement from the users then try something unusual but attractive in your application. 

No one likes too much text or pictures, too much information written on the application nowadays. 

So, try to minimize the usage of text in your mobile application. Instead of text and pictures, you can use emoticons or doodles or something else which can make users happy. 

I know content is king but in the world of mobile applications, pictures convey better than words, and GIF and doodles convey even better than pictures. 

So, make use of GIF if possible or simply avoid placing too much text information in your mobile app. 

    Transparency is the Key 

Nowadays, everyone has their private data and information stored on their Smartphone’s. And no one likes to share their personal data publicly. 

So, make sure your mobile app does not ask users for unnecessary permissions.  

And in case you need your users to allow some sort of permissions or share their private information, make sure that you mention an appropriate reason for asking for particular information or permission. 

One easy and common way to earn their trust is by clearly stating that their data is safe with you and you’ll never sell them. 

In fact, I would suggest that if it is not necessary, then do not even ask for signing up also. I have personally been through so many mobile applications that ask for email id just for accessing the app features, which can become irritating and can provide the reason to uninstall your application. 


So, these are the best 5 tips that can help you to improve user engagement on your mobile application. Do remember them if you’re building your own mobile application and see the results by yourself.

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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