5 Tips to Prepare for Promotions


If you have been with a company for a while, the odds are you’re being considered for a promotion. You have worked hard and your work should not go unnoticed. Supervisors see what you send them, but they don’t always see the work you put into it behind the scenes.

You can do plenty of things to show your boss how incredible you are. Help them see the hard work you put into your job. Following these suggestions will make sure you stand out from other promotion candidates.

Update your Resume and LinkedIn

Flaunt your achievements. You have done some cool things since you joined the company. It is important to keep your resume updated with bullet points about your experiences there. This will help you move up the corporate ladder or find opportunities at other companies. Check out these tips for updating your resume to apply for a promotion. In some cases, your boss won’t ask for an updated version of your resume before considering you for a promotion, so keep your LinkedIn up-to-date as well. The website nature of LinkedIn gives your employer and others the ability to check in on your achievements. Include achievements from outside of work to keep your profile interesting

Pay Attention to Others

You know your coworkers. If you notice others getting promoted, ask yourself what they are doing. Is there a trend? Do they exceed company performance standards? Are they close friends with your boss? Whatever it may be, find that trend and replicate it. Promotion committees tend to have specific things they look for. 

Complete Certifications and Trainings

Set yourself apart from other employees by completing new training courses. Most people spend their free time relaxing. The business world needs employees and leaders with new skills. Become what your company needs by improving sales skills, completing product management training, or learning graphic design. Spend your free time wisely to make yourself more marketable.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

People like to help other people. Be open with your boss about your career goals. If you want to move up in the company someday, let your boss know. He or she will do what they can to make it happen. Your hard work will speak for itself; work smart by becoming friends with your boss. Be sure to network elsewhere in the company too. If your boss doesn’t have an opportunity to promote you, maybe the supervisor of another team does. Be friendly with everyone because you never know where an opportunity will present itself.

Go Above and Beyond, Dress for the Job you Want, not the Job you Have

Act like you are the perfect candidate for a promotion. Look into taking on new responsibilities, extra hours, or leadership roles within your team. Bosses love to see initiative. If you do well as you go above and beyond the basic expectations they have for you, they will be impressed. Another thing you can do is dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Don’t go overboard by dressing too formally, but take care of your appearance and show your supervisor that the company matters to you. They will notice. 

At the end of the day, your performance is still important. Make sure you work hard and perform well on your projects. Following all of these suggestions will simply make you stand out from the employees around you. When promotions are competitive, this matters. Create strong relationships with your boss, update your achievements, and get certified. Good luck landing your promotion!