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5 Top Indian Restaurants in Houston

The people who are fond of Indian cuisine are not only in India but they are all across the world. The rich taste of Indian cuisine has been massively adored by foreigners. Indian cuisine is loved because of its specific recipes. The best thing about it is that it spices up your tastebuds with delicious recipes.

Indian food allows you to move towards an adventure. It has all the flavors to make you an exquisite feast. It has a myriad of dishes and some of them remain unexplored but you will yearn to taste them too because of their resplendent taste. You might be in the quest of finding the best restaurant where you can taste the Indian culinary. You don't need to find it for long because Indian chefs and cooks have moved abroad all over the world with their well-versed cooking skills and secret recipes that are rich in taste. 

The love for food is indivisible and people tend to explore different cuisines and food to relish them and hail the taste if they have enjoyed it.

This article will enumerate top Indian restaurants in Houston the restaurants that are worthy and have their uniqueness established. That is why all the communities of foreigners visit them and admire the taste and quality with which they are served.

The Indian cuisine has a particularly rich taste which is loved by the people widely that is why the range of opening these cuisines is getting higher. This article enlists the restaurant which is popular in Houston.

Tarka Indian Kitchen:

Tarka is an Indian restaurant in the heights it has the most outstanding interior which makes the customers attracted. It has different tempting dishes to offer these food items include kababs, biryani, and the vegetarian flavour which await the consumers to come and dine in or take away.

If you want the assortment of curies then it has a large variety to offer shrimps, lamb, vegetables, or chicken. The food is not anymore bland but filled with spices having a savory taste and aroma. Kebabs are served with biryani. They have the best tikka masala and fries called Badmaash fries.

You can have iced tea, Mango lemonade, and chai to cherish your meal. It is the traditional restaurant in India that gives you the same vibes.

Bawarchi Biryani Indian Cuisine:

In Hill croft street Houston, you will get the delicious biryani from Bawarchi Biryani. The restaurant offers various savory delicious dishes to the consumers. For providing the guests with the best punch of seasonal foods menu changes regularly. The menu has multiple foods such as Hakka Noodles, Aloo Jeera, Fried rice, channa saag schezwan fried rice. They also provide you the perk of enjoying the cheekoo shake with your meal. While chicken Manchurian has the taste of tomatoes 

Neeta’s Indian Cuisine:

This is an intermix of Chinese, Indian and Americans dishes which offers the fast-food to the clients and the dishes from these culinarians. Indian restaurants in Houston are committed to giving users which is something different and unique. It offers plenty of savories in a unique style many customers start with the breadbasket choosing the one that suits their style. Their specialty is Hirahara Vegetable whereas chicken kata kat and butter chicken are also an amazing dish which they provide.


This is a café which offers an authentic taste for Indian food doing wonders it generally offers baked food and juices. This resplendent restaurant opened in Houston back in 2011. It offers diverse recipes of India for instance it has all the love from Punjab packed in Parathas, the vindaloos powered with the perfect taste hailing from Goa, the roti’s made of millet flour belonging to Sindh, and the everlasting steaming fresh fish curries whose recipe straightway comes from the Kerala province. This restaurant is committed to mustering up the taste that they offer with ultimate perfection. They can provide you with beer and wine all-day breakfast and lunch along with spirits.

These restaurants are getting popular day by day by providing the best Indian food in Houston grabbing the attention of masses towards them because of the large variety and different taste.

Nirvana Indian Restaurant:


It is a restaurant mastering over fifteen years in the Indian Culinary. It has the certification for providing halal food to the customers. They charge a very reasonable amount for the food that they provide adding value to the money spent on them. They also have the Turkish culinary dish and all the food that is evolved halal. They can allow you to get indoor and outdoor celebrations but there is a stringent policy. This restaurant abides by their rules and could not offer any wine or alcoholic drink. Many people have a spacious space for weddings and birthdays. They give exquisite set up for banquets without charging a penny extra from their customers. 

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