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5 Topmost Features of an Optimum Test Management Tool

Accountability and transparency are the fundamental components of software testing that keep on resonating like a pendulum over the tester’s head. There is no denying that the duty of a tester is quite challenging!

As a tester, you are obligated to do a long list of testing tasks such as creating and maintaining the test data and doing relevant documentation, and planning according to the product’s need. Traceability Matrix is another vital element that focuses on 100% test coverage leaving no step unchecked. Furthermore, testers perform status reporting to keep every team member communicated and onboard.

The advancing agile software development trends are a testament to the fact that the changing cyber world has increased the need for QA. The truth is all the software development processes are moving towards ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools and cloud for rapid and reliable testing. 

A tester assures a product’s quality at speed & value. In this regard, testers take the assistance of test management tools to track and verify all the operational efforts a tester puts on the application under test. These tracking tools can save a lot of time and give the most suggestive feedback ever.

Read on to know the 5 topmost Features of the best Test Management tools to help through the traditional testing needs:  

1. Tester-Friendly

Normally, our eyes become habitual of reading “user-friendly” in a product description, but let’s be more specific here. If a test management tool is meant for a tester/ testing team, it should be tester-friendly. 

A flexible and convenient testing tool is a feast to its users and a logically understandable test management tool is beneficial for both the tester and the creator of that tool. An easy-to-use tool will lead to a faster adaption of the product, thus fewer mistakes will occur.

2. Multi-Tasker

The multitasking nature of a test management tool is a bonus point to consider. A flexible tool adapts with the different test processes, keeping in view the required testing requirements. Repetition of the test process is a waste of time because an efficient test management tool reinvents the asset’s usability. Tools like Kualitee, qTest, etc., know the requisites to expand the flexibility just according to the infrastructure and type of the errors found.

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3. Set of Pro Integrations

A hodgepodge combination of multiple expert integrations could be the best remedy for a multiple-tasking tester, of course, to provide the best testing experience.

To all the testers! It is no more a dream! 

Many adept test management apps believe in teamwork and are providing a set of pro integrations fixed on a single tool. This would not be much easier ever, right?

There are renowned test management tools like Kualitee that incorporate wicked integrations such as Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, Redmine & Asana. What a wonderful treat!

4. Traceability Matrix

It is mentioned in the beginning that accountability and transparency are the key aspects of a life of a tester, and this is what he/she seeks in a test management app for your business. A tracking tool that keeps up with the traceability matrix of a product would go a long way. The traceability matrix is an important element that never lets a single bit of a test case unchecked. 

5. Approachability

No one likes to get caught in a mishmash of options and domains. Everyone knows how annoying it is to untangle a hands-free when you have a strong urge to listen to your favorite tunes. Likewise, a tangled test management tool would be a very bad experience. 

Again, a user-friendly tracking tool will not hassle you instead it would have a deliberate plan to help you clarify task assignment and its accessibility. It lets you know if the command has been obeyed or not, the defect has been removed or not, or if the task is approved or not. 

Furthermore, an accessible testing tool will allow the whole development and testing team to see those actions occurring or suspending. A worthy testing tool is something good in a way that brings everyone from the IT team on the same desk by making their accessibility prompter and more available.

Now you see, how the need for a versatile testing tool is becoming crucial every day, and choosing the best out of many is another matter of concern. But if you follow the aforementioned features, you will reach the test management tool of your dreams! 


P.S: Kualitee is becoming the superstar of the testing tools market. Why not give it a chance?

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