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5 Trending Mobile Apps in Dubai — Easy Life, Smart Living

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Dubai is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the world. Millions of residents reportedly prefer living in the United Arab Emirates because it offers better accommodation and an advanced lifestyle. And, it is all about technology that has mainly changed the lifestyle pattern for the natives of Dubai. People, living here, highly rely on mobile applications for enhancing their standard of living.

Starting from getting the necessary grocery items to buy the favourite dress, Dubai residents use a plethora of apps. Even, there are some apps that help the residents to receive petrol at their doorstep. So, now you just don't need to go out or take a break from your important work to fulfil the daily requirements. With a single click, all your requirements get placed right in front of you.

The best thing about these applications is that they are available on both Android and iOS devices. Whether you want immediate handyman repair services, maid services, or cleaning services, there are dedicated apps for that too. Booking the requisite services from these apps have made thousands of lives easier and more convenient.

Now, you don't have to walk for miles to repair your electronic devices or to buy home essentials. Simply, state your requirements and save your money by availing huge discounts and offers, and get ample time. The best service experts for beauty treatments, plumbers, and electronics are just an app away. So, are you new to Dubai? Are you looking for a list of trending apps? Then, check out these lists of the most used apps in Dubai.

List of the Trending Apps

Multiple mobile apps have been relieving the stress level of the Dubai natives for more than a decade. And, now you don’t have to worry about booking the services. Additionally, one gets to compare the prices of the product and choose what is best for him/her.

Now, you don't have to step outside to get a service, food or any other essentials. And, furthermore, in this busy life schedule, we hardly get time to clean our house or buy and install a new LED light. So, now, all you have to do is, just install the required apps in your smartphones, that’s it! Here is the list of 5 must-have apps in Dubai.

1.   Zomato

Yes! Zomato is one of the most used apps even in Dubai. Even though there are several food delivery apps like Deliveroo, Tabalat, CareemNow that are used in Dubai. But, no app can take the place of Zomato. Because it is one of the most recommended and rated apps by Dubai residents.

And, you know what is the best thing about Zomato? It uses GPS to track the location of the recipients rather than calling him/her frequently to know the address. Moreover, they instantly confirm the food order and provide every detail about the food. Once the restaurant accepts your food order, the estimated delivery time will be shown in the app.

And, starting from taking the order, cooking to delivering, you can check everything. Zomato provides real-time updates to the users. You can even locate where the delivery boy is actually heading towards. So, grab the best kebabs from the best restaurants now!

2.   Atdoorstep

Sometimes, it gets difficult to declutter and clean the house. Even, eliminating the tough stains and grease from the kitchen becomes troublesome for the household owners. That’s why Atdoorstep is there for you. This is the best app one can ever think of to get prompt cleaning services. Along with booking the top-ranked handyman services in Dubai has also become easier with this app.

Moreover, they offer cleaning, repairing and maintenance services at a reasonable price. If you want to iron or clean the home essentials like refrigerators or microwaves, you can do that as well. Just pay some additional service costs and grab the best deals.

Don’t have any cleaning tools and products? Don’t worry, with the help of Atdoorstep, you can just sit and relax. How? Just mention your requirement while booking the cleaning services in Dubai. Professionals will bring their cleaning materials, based on your preferred time and address.

Besides, you can appoint the cleaners once in a month, week, or even on a regular basis. So, what are you waiting for? Do you need to repair the damaged plumbing system, or do you need to repaint the walls? Book a handyman and improve the condition of your house. There is nobody to take care of your kids? Well! Atdoorstep is there with its experienced team of professionals, offering maid service. So, grab the one-stop-shop for the best chance now!

3.   Fetchr

Do you want to courier a parcel across Dubai? Well, now with the help of the Fetchr application, you can easily do that. Irrespective of the size or weight of the courier, the delivery persons will pick up the parcel and send that to the recipient's house. Simply choose the preferable time-slot and book their service if you are seeking for immediate delivery.

Fetcher is one of the most useful delivery tools that one has to rely on, while staying in Dubai. So, if you run an enterprise or engaged in Start-up brands, install this app now. Moreover, making payment through this app is also convenient and secured Fetcher allows the users to make cash-on-delivery payment, or you can use cards too. So, with this application delivering a package has become less time-consuming and flexible!

4.   Entertainer

This is one of the most reliable apps that you will hear while living in Dubai. And, the main purpose of the Entertainer app is to save you money by offering you the best deals. These deals can be of anything. Basically, it is referred to as the money-saving app, that has thousands of varieties of vouchers to choose from.

It permits transactions through Debit, as well as a Credit card for more than 40 destinations and more than 46 products. They will suggest the ideal dining deals, the best fitness clubs, theme parks, and much more. Further, this app permits the users to send the unused offers and discounts that you had chosen before but never got the chance to use them.

5.   Careem (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) / Uber (Dubai)

Are you in a hurry? Do you immediately want to book a taxi to reach your destination? Well, now you can do that without any hassle. Just install the Uber app on your device and reach at your office or house way earlier than your estimated time. However, if you reside in Abu Dhabi, you need to install the Careem app for on-time cab booking. Because Uber is currently not available in Abu Dhabi.

Uber offers a wide range of options to choose from while choosing the cab. Starting from using UberX to UberONE, choose your preferable tax based on your budget. Lastly, it can be concluded that both Careem and Uber are the best choices that you must consider when you are carrying less cash.

So, Get it Now!

Even there are apps like Privelee for booking hotels, beach clubs, luxurious pools. Also, paying police fines, Nol top-ups and even utility payments has become easier with apps like Dubai Now. So, install these apps and lead a stress-free life!

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