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5 Trending Summer Styles for Babies Which Are a Must Try

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Peek-a-boo, summer is right around the corner. Babies and fashion is a fashion statement in itself. How cute is the sight of a little baby all dressed up? Doesn’t it make your heart melt? Summer is approaching and you need to change up your baby’s wardrobe. We’ll be telling you about the latest summer fashion trends for babies which you must try.

Tie Dye

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Tie dyes are very much in trend nowadays. But they’re not just trending in adult fashion, they’re highly popular in the baby community as well! Two beautiful summery shades mixed well together on a piece of clothing. Totally iconic. Dress your little one in a matching tie dye set. Or maybe just a tie dye shirt paired with some cute shorts.

Bright colors

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Summer and bright colors go hand in hand. Nothing screams summer more than the color yellow or red. You don’t want to make your baby look like they’re 30 years old wearing dull colors. Fill up your child’s closet with vibrant summery colors like hot pink, pumpkin orange, yellow, and you can even add some neons for a fun look. Children want to wear new and overwhelming colors. While choosing colors of clothes for kids, one should be very careful that they like this color.


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Rompers are my absolute favorite clothing item on a baby. They’re super comfy, they’re super cute, and they’re an easy find. This season, neon colored rompers are a total hit. Cocobee has the best collection of rompers for kids. If you’re looking to add some funky patterned or cool colored rompers to your kid’s wardrobe, Cocobee is the right website for you.


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A baby in overalls. What a sight for sore eyes. No matter how upset your mood is, I can guarantee you, if you see a baby dressed in some cute overalls, you will cheer up. These are good for a fun baby’s day out in the park. A casual look with a touch of style added to it. Your child will feel absolutely comfortable in this outfit. There will be no fuss involved during dress up time, so it’s a win-win. 

Denim on Denim

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Denim is my personal favorite style. Denim has always been a safe back up for me. Whether it’s for casual wear, or a fancy date, denim saves the day. Babies look heavenly when they’re dressed in denim. They look like little fashionistas dressed in denim jeans or shorts paired with a pretty little denim jacket. When it’s summer time, try to dress your little one in blue denim. Faded blue or light blue denim gives out more summery vibes.



Fashion for kids is not much different than how it is for adults. In my opinion, I think kids’ fashion is much more interesting. Kids can show up wearing the craziest of outfits and no one will judge them. Imagine wearing a hello kitty themed outfit to work one day. You’ll have the whole office laughing at you. But kids have that freedom. They have no restriction for fashion. So explore the diverse world of fashion for kids and let them enjoy it while it lasts.

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