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5 Undercover Marketing Tips for Beginners

What is Marketing?

To answer that question, we need to take a look at what marketing is not. Marketing does not refer to the process of promoting a product or service, nor does marketing direct to the use of advertising media, nor does marketing refer to the collection of data for market research. What marketing is, are the activities undertaken by a business to promote the sale or purchase of a particular product or service, regardless of the media used or the information gathered.

Marketing Concept

The marketing concept now comes under the broader heading of Social Media. Social Media refers to the various online communities and websites (some of which are extremely popular) in which a target market interacts with one another. As opposed to traditional marketing concepts such as direct mail, newspaper ads, or television commercials, social media interaction allows a business to reach its target market through a network of like-minded individuals who already are looking for the product or service to which they have a strong interest. The key to using social media to achieve this is to develop a system through which a business can reach out to the target market digitally. Once again, the key to this being a system.

Social media, and particularly social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, are an example of how best to market can be done through a system. However, these platforms themselves offer little in the way of a marketing strategy. In the case of Facebook, the sidebar or News Feed option simply collects data about a user's interaction with other users on the site, rather than marketing or sales messages. Similarly, while Twitter and YouTube offer some form of commerce, it is typically the case that a marketer's message is passed along by others on the platform, rather than being focused upon by the business sending the message. Therefore, it would seem that the best marketing strategy for these types of sites is the integration of one or more of the marketing strategies onto the website.

The social networks offer some promise in terms of reaching out to those who are looking for your products or services. Facebook currently has more than 800 million users, which would indicate that there are plenty of potential customers out there, although it is also true that many of these users probably do not use Facebook to find out about new products. By developing a presence on Facebook and making available updates via direct messages or via the news feed, a company can take advantage of the traffic that these sites generate. However, it would also be best to employ the use of another form of social marketing concept in conjunction with this one. If all of these efforts were coordinated properly, then there is a good chance that Facebook would emerge as the clear leader when it comes to social marketing.

Social Marketing Concepts

In order to combine the best of these social marketing concepts, the best marketing concept would be to create a single online presence on all of the social networking sites. For example, a business could set up a Facebook account for its products and then promote its Facebook business page on all of the various social platforms. This strategy could help to increase the visibility of the brand since it would be seen in places where it would not usually be seen. There is also the added benefit that through this strategy, potential customers will know about the existence of the products in question, even before a review or demonstration is offered. This increases the likelihood of converting these visitors into actual sales.

Another idea that combines several of the above-mentioned marketing concepts is that of producing press releases, which are essentially short ads that are distributed online and elsewhere. These releases should be written in a way that makes them attractive and easy to read by anyone who is not familiar with marketing concepts. They should also be geared towards marketing the company to potential customers, rather than being merely promotional. This is because of the content of the press release is not suited for marketing, then it will do more harm than good. Instead of focusing on the product and its features alone, it will instead focus on the writer's personal interests or their own voice and opinions, which may not be in line with the product being promoted.

Social Media as a Platform for Marketing

A way of using social media as a platform for marketing without the need to hire a professional in influencer marketing is to start building a community around one's products. In doing so, the effects can be marketed through discussion boards or forums, as well as participating in various social media networking sites. The best thing about this is that these marketing activities will be visible to people who are searching for the product being promoted. This makes it easy for potential customers to become familiar with the brands and their offerings. Ultimately, it is through these marketing activities that the best marketing ideas can be developed.


These undercover marketing techniques allow a person to use social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, press releases, and other internet marketing strategies for promoting a business without having to spend money on paid advertisements. This makes it possible to get the best returns on marketing campaigns without necessarily having to invest in the latest marketing technologies, as well as without having to spend much money on hiring an outside firm. Social media marketing, content marketing, and press releases are some of the best ways to spread the word about a brand. Therefore, if someone has been looking to invest in a new strategy for promoting their business, they should look into these tactics instead.

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