5 Useful Tips to Keep Laptop Battery Running Longer

Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting a New Laptop


The portability provided by a laptop is the key factor behind such immense popularity of the device across the world. But the main aspect behind the laptop portability is the battery that helps you carry on with your work from anywhere and on the go. 

But what if the battery capacity of your laptop is poor and it drains faster than sooner? 

Won’t your work be affected, especially if you are always on the go? 

Won’t you then need to keep even the top laptops under 30000 plugged into charging all the time? 

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Yes, and that’s where the importance of laptop battery is more whenever a laptop buying guide is created. 

But did you know that you can still make the most of the battery of your laptop by following some simple yet vital tips? Read on this post and know more! 


  • Enable the battery saver mode


While you work on your laptop using the battery power, you get to see Windows showing the battery level in the taskbar. You should ensure clicking on the laptop battery level indicator and activate the battery-saver option. If you are editing, gaming or completing tasks needing battery power, then you may see a performance drop. But that won’t be such much that you won’t be able to carry on with your tasks. 


  • Plug it in before your battery dies 


Many laptop users continue using their batteries until it is about to die, which may be bad for it in the long run. If it is possible for you, then you should ensure that you don’t drain your battery more than 20%. It will always ensure that the life of your battery gets extended. Using your laptop when the charge is low strains the battery and overall, leads to its reduction in the capacity. 


  • Keep your machine out of cold and hot 


You should ensure using your laptop where the room temperature is moderate – not too cold and not too hot. Extreme temperatures, be it hot and cold may strain your device, and in turn, it may drain the battery capacity of your machine. What’s more, if you continue exposing your battery of the laptop to extremes, then you may see the battery getting damaged faster. Therefore, it may not be able to provide you with enough charge that will sustain even 1-2 hours. 


  • Ensure that your laptop has enough RAM capacity 


Dell, one of the world leaders in laptops, has an unusual suggestion to boost the life of your battery. It suggests you to having enough RAM capacity to do your job. If a system can store details in the RAM than the HDD, then it will. It is a super fast method to recover data, which may also avoid your HDD to be used much, which consumes your battery. 


  • Never keep your laptop always plugged in 


Many people have this habit of keeping their laptops plugged in. But what they are unaware of is that a laptop that is always plugged has fewer cycles. When a battery is charged and gets drained, it is called a 1 cycle. Compared to those users who keep their laptop batteries at 80% and 20%, the battery of users keeping it plugged will have a reduced capacity. Thus, if you don’t need to charge the battery fully, then it’s not required as some top laptops under 30000 and more come with smart charging mode. It can prioritize the health of your laptop battery and hence; you won’t need to plug in all the times. 

Other tips to enhance the battery capacity of your laptop will be reducing the screen brightness and turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed. 

You are now aware of the basic tips to boost the life of your laptop battery, a must to keep in mind the point of the laptop buying guide that you would go through any time.