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5 valuable tips to follow to select the best Flow Meter

When flow technology is concerned, you can come across numerous options to select form. But as a first-time shopper, trying to select the best Flow Meter out of the lot can be a tough and time consuming task.

Rather, you should do some research and identify your specific requirements and certain factors that control your selection process. One vital factor that cannot be neglected during the selection is its price.

Tips to select the best gas flow meter

1. Cost is not to be the primary deciding factor: You should plan to invest in a unit that not only serves your specific functions but also is reasonably priced. Do not choose the cheapest unit available in the market as it might not prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Although you might save some money in the process, it could be that it fails to work up to your expectation, thereby causing production problems and related hassles. Ideally, select a cost-effective unit that also comes with affordable installation terms along with prompt technical support.

2. Consider your specific needs: You might be interested to know gas or liquid speed while passing through the pipeline. For this, you should select a good Paperless Recorder. Even a simple, but functional flow indicator will do the job. This device is stated to be simple to install as well as easy to use. External power will not be desired for its smooth functioning.

3. Select the widest turndown: Turndown refers to the maximum and minimum rates ratio that the device measures within its accuracy range. The device turns down should be taken into consideration to ensure availing the best one. It should feature a wide turndown as much as possible to cover all anticipated flow variations. For details, refer to

4. Get to understand your flow: One primary aspect which you are to understand at the time of investing in the Low flow gas flow meter is the liquid or gas behavior that passes through the pipeline. Liquid flow viscosity determines the behavior.

Profiling liquid or gas flow will allow you to know its behavior. It helps narrow down available choices. Moreover, profile flow is different depending on its being non-Newtonian or Newtonian. In non-Newtonian fluids such as paints, shampoos, and yogurts, predicting behavior can be difficult.

5. Consider installation procedure: Device installation method and location are of utmost importance and should be considered. It is likely to have a great impact on overall efficiency and accuracy. If obstructions are present in the pipeline like joints, bends, and valves, then ultra low flow meter accuracy and repeatability is likely to be affected by distortions. 

Hence, the best location should be chosen to install the device to derive the very best results. It will be equally crucial to follow all prescribed installation procedures provided by the manufacturer. This is more important if there is not sufficient space to install the device.

Therefore, following the above tips will allow you to invest in the very best low flow mass flow meter.

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