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5 Ways A New Manufacturing Facility Should Plan For Its Security

When it comes to investment costs, manufacturing units are one of the costlier ones. Big machines that are engineering marvels cost a ton of money to purchase. Additionally, elements like raw materials and other infrastructure are expensive propositions. 

This is why if you are a business owner that has set up a new manufacturing facility, you need to plan for the security set-up first. As a business, you not only need to ensure that the plant is safe but also the employees as well. 

The world of heavy manufacturing and engineering is a vulnerable domain in terms of security. It can draw attacks and threats by everyone ranging from petty criminals to hardened competitors who want to bring you down every step of the way. 

In this resource article, we are going to help business owners with the best five ways a new manufacturing facility should plan for its security. 

List of the Best 5 Ways a Manufacturing Facility should plan for its Security

  1. Contract the Best Security Agency Professionals for the job- 

Having a 24x7 deployment of trained and armed private security professionals is essential to man the facility. You should at no point hire amateurs to help you at the factory. Rather, going for the A+ Officers Security Pte Ltd is a safer bet as they are thorough professionals that have multiple years of experience in the field. 

  • Install a Comprehensive CCTV Network in the entire facility- 

As a manufacturing facility is spread across a large parcel of land, you need to ensure that you have eyes everywhere across the plant. This means covering both the indoor as well as outdoor areas of the facility. When you are setting up the CCTV network, you need cameras that work at night along with having audio transmissibility. 

  • Ensure having a Monthly Security Drill for all the Employees- 

Having the best security infrastructure in place can become redundant if your employees are untrained. This is why experts recommend holding security drills and training sessions for the employees at least once a month. This will help them familiarize themselves with the various strategies in place. If you are using scanners and biometrics, they need to know how it works. 

  • Be Rigorous with the Applications of the Security Policy- 

When it comes to the enforcement of the security policy, the facility needs to be as aggressive as possible. This means that even if there is a slight issue with compliance then the same needs to be dealt with. For example, if an employee has forgotten to carry his access ID, he or she should not be allowed to enter the premises. This rule should hold true for everyone. 

  • Do not allow for Unauthorized Entry and Exit- 

Most security breaches do not happen the first time a criminal enters the facility. They often engage in a reconnaissance mission to get a lay of the land first. This is why no one who is not connected to the facility mustn’t gain access. Whether they are a friend, relative, or acquaintance of any of the employees or higher management members. 

Should Manufacturing Facilities also emphasize Digital and IT Security?

While most manufacturing units have some or the other form of physical security measures in operation, they can be found wanting when it comes to IT security. With cyberattacks becoming a routine affair in the past few months, it is high time that manufacturing facilities double down on their digital security. 

Cybercriminals are looking at vulnerabilities that can help them access crucial pieces of data and information. For example, for a manufacturing unit, the following may be of importance- 

  • Payment records that have been made to vendors, raw material suppliers, and other stakeholders. 
  • Financial details of the businesses’ banks and accounts, including employee account details. 
  • Agreements and Contracts with stakeholders, including terms of sales, profits, and revenue plans. 
  • Security Plans, CCTV Codes, and other network protocols of the manufacturing facility that can be used against the business. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, for every manufacturing unit, ensuring both offline, as well as online security, is important. By having the best personnel guarding your facility 24x7, you can rest assured that you do not have to worry about suspicious criminal elements from engineering a break-in. If you would like us to share any more information, let us know in the comments section below. 

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Syandita Malakar
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