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5 Ways Cellular IoT Can Improve Your Business

During an average day, your phone and watch can communicate with your grill thermometer, wireless speaker or security camera. You’ve come to depend on an increasing number of connected devices to improve your family’s lives. IoT devices and services likely play a significant role in your home, but how can cellular IoT strengthen your business? Cellular IoT offers long-range connectivity and lower device power consumption. Successful companies and entrepreneurs use cellular IoT to lower operational costs, reduce inventory, improve tracking, enhance security and stay connected to customers.

1. Lower Operational Costs

Cellular networks are a standard part of the infrastructure in nearly every populated area of the world. Although you have several options when considering how to connect your business’ devices and sensors, cellular IoT provides a massive range of coverage without depleting device power levels. Mobile providers use LPWAN technology to connect devices with high or low bandwidth efficiently. If you adopt an LPWAN solution for your business, you avoid the hassles of developing private networks or paying extraneous fees. Since cellular providers manage the networks’ infrastructure, you won’t have to pay extra for support or network construction. As the prices of mobile service continue to decrease, your most economical and reliable choice for device connectivity is IoT cellular.

2. Reduce Inventory

Another advantage of using cellular IoT is the ability to reduce inventory levels. When a mobile IoT service connects your devices, you receive real-time data that instantly reports the status of your inventory. Ordering and restocking are streamlined when you have reliable inventory data, and you will not have to worry about creating an inventory surplus or deficit. When cellular IoT connects your assets, repairing or replacing items becomes much more accessible. With cellular IoT, you can create “digital twins” of your assets. For instance, if you want to avoid replacing an expensive machine during a frantic production schedule, you can develop a virtual representation of the machine with cellular IoT. The simulation mimics the machine’s processes and will alert you if it requires maintenance. You will avoid replacement costs that negatively affect your inventory and can repair assets before a possible breakdown.

3. Improve Tracking

Tracking your purchased products or services is an essential part of maintaining a profitable business. With cellular networks set up around the world, data transmission is safer and more reliable when you use cellular IoT. Successful companies like Amazon and Apple rely on instant tracking to retain market dominance, and if you want to stay competitive in your field, enhanced monitoring is crucial. Low bandwidth devices that transmit tracking data are no longer reliant solely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Unlike other IoT services, cellular IoT offers a superior range of coverage for low and high bandwidth devices. Technological advancements in data transmission are improving the business world, and cellular IoT is at the forefront of that change.

4. Improve Security

A reliable security plan is a high priority for ensuring a safe work environment for your employees. Low-power cameras and sensors connected to a cellular IoT network transmit real-time data to alert you to any potential threats. Because of the massive scope of cellular networks, you can check on your company’s security status from nearly any location in the world. Having mobile access to your system allows you to make quick decisions when you encounter security issues.

5. Stay Connected With Customers

The most significant advantage of using cellular IoT is its ability to monitor customer satisfaction. The buying trends, complaints and suggestions from customers are important factors when determining how to improve customer service. When you know how your customers are using your products, you can make the necessary changes to your business plan. It’s essential to have immediate feedback from customers. If a customer has a problem with your product or service, you need to respond to remedy the situation quickly. Cellular IoT allows you to enhance the customer experience by providing a secure route to interact with your customers. Retail companies were early proponents of using cellular IoT to improve customer satisfaction, and after their enormous success, businesses of all types quickly followed their lead.

Cellular IoT is not a fringe element in the tech world. IoT changes the way companies across the world conduct business. With cellular IoT, you can enhance your company’s efficiency without incurring high costs. Whether you run a massive farming operation or own a small business, cellular IoT provides real-time monitoring and data collection to ensure your business is competitive and profitable.


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