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5 Ways for College Students to Get a Job With Little to No Experience

Many learners come to college with one aim only. It is to study, get a degree and become a true pro in a designated area. Or do they?

Frequently, life gets in one's way. If you face some sort of hardship, primarily a financial strain, there is only one way out. You’d better get to work. The question is, where to start? Especially if we paint a more realistic picture. Most likely, once in college, you don’t yet have job experience to list on your CV. If the only words you can write in this section of a resume are “none, whatsoever”, continue reading.

In this article, we’ve comprised a list of jobs for college students with no experience. And you know what? All of these are online options. Just because this world is going digital. And you’d better catch the opportunity rather than miss it!

5 Online Jobs for College Students With No Experience

Go Tutor Someone

This one may sound like a no-brainer. In fact, much knowledge and some skills are needed, especially communication. However, if you feel like you ace a particular subject, go for it. Consider sharing your hard-earned knowledge with someone else who might be interested in it.

From the intricacies of English Literature to Math for fourth graders - you can opt for anything you are good at. Luckily, in today’s era of digital learning and edutainment, a tutor is not that boring old man as one is represented in ol’ movies!

Write. Or Edit. Or Proofread.

We could have broken this section into three different ones, for sure. However, in the age where content is still king you are to be able to multitask, and greatly so. Today, it’s not enough to just be a good writer. You’d better get acquainted with the editing and proofreading realm as well.

While you might really want to delegate your college assignments to a reliable helper that can be found on WriteEssayForMe or platforms alike, becoming a guru of texts is an awesome aim. These skills will help you out in the direst times. Therefore, do work on your skills of:

  • creating engaging copies of different types of content - from Youtube video scripts to research papers;
  • editing already written materials to make them sound less vague and much more on-point;
  • proofreading your own texts and making them free of every little typo; you can begin helping your friend out.

These simple tactics might actually bring amazing results and make you the most-wanted writer (or copywriter) on Earth!

Transcribe. Translate. Or Do Both

Transcribing is a thing that you will either love or hate. Some people consider it a mojo experience - to make something audible lay beautifully on paper. For others, there is nothing worse than stopping a recording every n seconds just to note something down. Usually, the second group pays and the first one enjoys the reward. After some hard work, of course.

A great thing about transcribing is that you actually don’t need any experience at all to join the field. Yet, it’s not gonna be so easy to find you first clients. This can be said about any other job though. Consider finding you first gig somewhere in the realm of video subtitles. Usually, if you can not just dot things down but translate them into another language or even different languages, the rate will double. Or even triple.

Thus, instead of stopping on just one job option that won’t need a huge record of service we recommend that you juggle both.

SMM: Three Powerful Letters

Undoubtedly, you either do have at least one account on some social media platform or a few of them. Or maybe you were used to it and trying to break free. Whatever the situation may be, if you are into shorter messages than long papers and thousands of words, try out SMM.

This job will surely require much of your time and focus, because of all the popups here and there. Moreover, you might highly likely be the one writing them for others. But if you do think that being concise and convincing at the same time is your thing - go for it.

First, pick your platform. Instagram is a better choice for those who work well with visuals. LinkedIn will require you to sound professional, serious, and maybe just a bit dry. Twitter is a place to have much fun however limited in symbols you may be. Or you can try to sell, promote or raise awareness about different things on Facebook. Notice that we’ve only brushed up on the most popular channels. And Tik Tok is the field in itself - of every little thing in life.

Feeling Arty?

We are going to finish this list of jobs that don’t really require previous job experience with something sounding more crafty and creative. If you are good with Art - and this may take any form possible - how about selling some of it?

For sure, you are highly unlikely to become a second Jackson Pollock from Day 1. But who knows what may happen on Day 231? Or, let’s dig deeper, do you want to be a second anyone? Find your voice, concentrate on what you do, and give your heart to it. Later, do some marketing and keep your fingers crossed!

The Bottom Line

The students can easily be divided into two categories. There are those who get into building their careers as early as being freshers or sophomores at best. On the other side, there are those who think that it’s not possible to get a job if you don’t have the previous one. And the reps of this last group do live in a circle with no way out.

This article may serve as your guiding light, a silver lining while you are making your first steps in the waters of the job market. Sure, there already are some sharks out there - probably, those with a letter “C” in their job position.

Still, you can join the game too. Get to know the rules, master new skills, learn how to write, edit, proofread, transcribe, translate, do SMM, or create art. Make your first steps and who knows, maybe you’ll be just unstoppable pretty soon!

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