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5 Ways For Party Hosts to Improve Their Home

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What's better than spending an evening surrounded by friends and family? Probably nothing, if you enjoy hosting parties. While the company is the most important thing, there are many ways to up your hosting game for nights with less stress and more fun. Here are some adjustments you can make to elevate your parties to the next level.

1. Entertainment

Depending on the type of party you're hosting, finding a way to keep everyone entertained throughout the night can be a big concern. This is especially true of bigger parties where some guests may not know anyone else. Music is always a great way to liven any event, and games can help encourage guests to mingle. Board games or card games might be more your style, but if the weather is right, outdoor games can be a huge hit. Plus, some games are just as much fun to watch as they are to play. It's simple to set up a volleyball net or a game of horseshoes, and these are easy to put away when the weather turns. If you want to make your house the ultimate summer hangout spot, you may want to consider getting a pool. They have something to offer everyone, whether you want a quick workout or a nap on a float. Consider custom pools in Bullard for example. 

2. Layout

The layout of your living space can have a huge impact on your social gatherings. Is it difficult to find a restroom or get to a kitchen? Can guests easily maneuver around your furniture? Even if it's just for the night, you may want to consider switching things up to make navigating your home easier. Plus, chances are you'll need to rearrange things to get the extra chairs situated anyway. If throwing big parties is important to you, why not adjust your living space to accommodate? If you have the budget for a renovation, refreshing your kitchen, taking out a wall, or adding a half bath to the ground floor could make entertaining significantly easier.

3. Parking

Everyone knows that dreaded moment when you show up to someone's house for a party, only to discover that there's no parking! If at all possible, clean out the garage so you can park your car there, leaving space in the driveway for guests. Make sure the curbs are clear, and consider letting guests park in the grass if you have the space. You can also try to arrange carpooling, which can help guests become better acquainted before they arrive. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, you may want to ask if they can park off of the road for the night. It may seem small, but little adjustments like these can help the night run more smoothly in the long run.

4. Food and Drink

While you may wish that your sparkling conversation is the one thing your guests remember above all else, that's not always reasonable. People gather at parties to bond, have fun, and eat good food. Whether you're planning a dinner party or party snacks, you should take some time to plan ahead. If you don't have a kitchen large enough to hold all the food you'll need, consider other options for placing dishes and keeping food warm. You'll want to make sure nothing is in danger of falling or being knocked over during the festivities. Make sure you're aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Nothing ruins the night like showing up to a party where you can't eat anything. An easy way around this potential dilemma is to have everyone contribute by bringing a dish or drink. This takes pressure off of you, and it gives you a chance to try something new. If you plan on offering alcohol, a unique display can also keep beverages away from children.

5. Atmosphere

Atmosphere can make or break a party. While important, it's also fairly simple to add the right touches for a big effect. For example, lighting is crucial to creating atmosphere. Harsh overhead lighting can be difficult to relax under, and it can make pictures turn out terrible. A softer, lower light won't impede your vision but will evoke a sense of restfulness, which is perfect for a laid-back evening. For a more relaxed feel, make sure there are comfortable seating options and blankets, especially if you're partying outside. Candles, warm drinks, and soft music can help you create the intimate gathering of your dreams.

The Bottom Line

A lot of preparation goes into hosting a party, even for a simple, small gathering. To make your job even easier, consider making a few upgrades to your home. This way, you can party with less stress and reap the benefits of your custom living space even when not entertaining.

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