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5 Ways in Which Your Bedsheets Affect Your Sleep Quality

After a day full of activity, we all want to retire and snug in the bed. Comfort becomes the ultimate weapon to induce good night sleep. This layer of bedding between you and your mattress can have a significant effect on the quality of the sleep. When it comes to augmenting the quality of sleep, we often discuss the mattress; though, it can be your bed sheets and pillowcase that make you feel refreshed every morning. The science behind a good sleep is to have an optimal body temperature. The human body regulates this internal temperature, and even a little shift can trigger a drastic feeling. Since the human body releases heat at night, it is imperative to pick bed sheets that don’t trap heat inside. If the bed sheet embraces the heat, it will elevate the body temperature making us sweat and feel uncomfortable.

These are the five ways in which your bedsheets affect your sleep quality

The fabric of bedsheet does matter

Bedsheets can be comprised of various fabrics of synthetic materials like polyester or natural materials like cotton. It can be alluring to purchase a satin-soft bedsheet that has a cool-to-touch feel at first, but that silky texture is an outcome of petroleum-based man-made material. These synthetic fabrics are less breathable and, over time tend to trap more heat. On the contrary, fabrics like cotton make a sensible choice which lets you have a comfortable sleep throughout the night. You can easily evaluate the performance of this material through its breathable, soft, absorbent, and durable qualities. It wicks away all the moisture and allows the air to pass to regulate the body temperature. The regulated body temperature keeps you cool in summers and warm in winter and well-rested all year.

Types and weaves of cotton in bed sheets

When it comes to selecting bed sheets for your bed, fabric like cotton is incredibly popular among the buyers due to its natural breathable material. However, this doesn’t mean you can weigh every cotton equally. Only a premium quality cotton will keep fraying at bay and intact its breathability, softness, and endurance for a long time. The different weaves in cotton also influence its quality. This versatile fabric can be found in various types of weaves, which describes how the material is spun and woven. You can conveniently swap and spread them according to the seasons. The ultra percale cotton can be the best pick for summers as these sheets have cool and crisp fabric. The winter demands coziness, plushness, and warmth that can be discovered in bedsheets produced from flannel cotton. Meanwhile, in the remaining year, you can indulge in the luxurious and silky smooth feel of the wrinkle-proof satin cotton sheets. By adherence to different types and weaves of cotton, you are sure to discover some peaceful sleep at night. At times, the size of the cotton sheet can also impact your sleep quality. For instance, amazon sheets queen cotton can be suitable for a queen-size bed while if your bed is king-size, the sheets will not fit. Hence, it is recommended to select the size of the sheets as per your bed-size.

Cleanliness of your sheet is an important aspect

Cotton fabric can be the right choice for conscious buyers; though, other factors can influence the sleep of a person. We all love to unwind in a bed to get rest, and the experience gets better if the sheets are fresh. Make sure that every week you send your bed sheets and pillowcases for the laundry. This step is a must as the bedsheets accumulate sweat, hairs, skin, dirt, and grime over some time. An unhealthy bed sheetcan be the reason behind your disturbed sleep pattern. Therefore, an excellent guide to healthy sleep is to clean the sheets and pillow covers, minimum once a week.

Spread new bed sheets

Every other item in your home comes with a shelf life. The same is the case with bed sheets as well. In the initial days, the performance of the sheets in terms of softness, absorbency, permanence, and others are on its peak. Nevertheless, with continuous usage, its potential tends to decrease over the time horizon. Just like any other material, it tends to become more coarse with regular washing and cleaning. This can be a nuisance to your comfortable sleep at night. The fresh set of bed sheets and pillowcases for your bed can induce a healthy sleep quality and make you feel more lively in the morning.

Bed sheets need correct washing technique

Washing your bed sheets every week is a good operation. Although it is not the only thing that solves every problem related to healthy bedding. Some sheets are treated with chemicals ( including formaldehyde, chlorine, and silicon) to keep away from shrinking, wrinkling, and losing its shape. To create a sheen effect, some of these are even treated with alkali. Make sure to wash all the sheets prior to any use on the beds, as this can hamper your sleep quality and can also lead to some allergies. Equally important is the detergent one prefers to use while washing these sheets. Some of the detergents are completely chemical and make the bed linens harsh after the wash. Organic cleansers can be a good way to battle out the dirt and make the sheets more clean and fresh that ensures a sound sleep.

A bedroom should be reserved for a peaceful sleep, and making some conscious efforts in picking and maintaining the bed sheets will be helpful in getting quality sleep at night.

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