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5 Ways on How A Managed Print Service Company Help Your Business Save A Ton of Money


Printing is an important function in almost all businesses. Your printing solution influences your business cost and production, which affects business ROI and workflow.  According to studies, nearly 90% of businesses have no records of printing costs. Also, fixing printing problems uses about 15% of the IT Department’s time.

What is the best solution? It is managed print services. According to a 2015 Findex case study, MPS reduced about 40% of printing costs and dramatically increased work productivity.

What exactly is an MPS? An MPS or managed print services is the management of all your business printing needs by an external provider. It helps businesses lower production costs by decreasing the documents for printing. It also decreases the need to buy printers for business operations.

Here are five ways of how a managed print service company can help your business save on costs.

Printing Operations Simplified

An MPS increases the production time available for other important business tasks. Pick a managed print service company that provides an all-inclusive printing service with up-to-date software solutions. A comprehensive printing package simplifies all your printing needs into a single provider solution, which removes the need to find and deal with multiple printing companies. 

Upgrade Business Function

A managed print service company improves your business function by increasing your workforce efficiency and effectivity. It allows workers to focus more on their day-to-day tasks rather than spending time on office printers. You can print documents but get them released only when you need to get them. This manner saves you time and prevents paper wastage from wrong prints.

A More Effecient IT Department

Highly skilled technical support experts make up the IT Department. Sometimes, they feel underestimated when other departments keep on letting them solve simple printing-related concerns from time to time. A managed print service company also employs experts, including network analysts and print support consultants to assist your IT team to resolve printing issues.

Recording and Monitoring of Printing Output 

As mentioned earlier, approximately 90% of businesses do not record or monitor their printing activities. MPS providers usually offer real-time recording and data reporting of all your business-related prints. Proper documentation of printing outputs will give you an overview of your team productivity plus reduce printing-related costs.

Lower security and data storage risks

Security risks and data breaches are issues that a business needs to address properly. It can cost you time and money more than you ever expect. MPS companies decrease the risks through the provision of a secured printing release mechanism. It means printouts are only released to persons with a valid PIN or ID card, which protects your business’ privacy.

Takeaway Thought

A managed print service is your best printing solution. We offer businesses the management of printing devices, such as printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines. Plus, we have years of unparalleled experience and licensed experts to support for all your printing requirements. If you see that we have the capability plus our best software and fast response time, then you found your perfect business partner.

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