5 Ways Technology will Keep you Safe in 2021


The chances are you’ve invested a huge amount of time and money into your business, so it is only natural that you would want to protect your investment. If you operate a medium to large business, you may have expensive machinery and equipment, sensitive data to protect, or hundreds of employees in which you are responsible for their wellbeing whilst on site / in the office.

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 With that said, it’s clear that investing in security systems and technology to mitigate expensive risks is a sound investment if it can prevent a particularly costly expense. Thankfully, in 2021, there are more ways to protect your business than ever before, thanks to the latest advances in technology. There are both affordable, physical and digital technology to protect multiple aspects of your business, from email through to hardware such as cameras and alarms. 

With so much choice, it can be hard to know where to start or which technology you should be using to keep your business safe. Let’s take a look at the top ways technology will keep you safe. 

CCTV Towers for car park or outdoor space protection


Depending on your business, one of the most vulnerable areas can be directly through the car park. It is easy for criminals to lurk around car parks looking for potential weaknesses, and of course, vehicles themselves are highly sought after by would-be thieves. That’s why it is imperative that you protect your car parks, and one of the best ways to do this is with one of our CCTV Towers.

What are CCTV towers? They are an extremely effective solution for any outdoor space, firstly because they are highly visible, which means they are an excellent deterrent against crimes like theft.

Fast and efficient to set up they will not only deter criminals but also capture them with crystal clarity around all 360 degrees of your car park area. You can even watch your CCTV tower footage from a live feed so you always know what is going on.

CCTV towers for car park protection can be powered by mains electricity, but they can also be solar-powered, which is not only greener and cheaper but also less likely to result in failure.

Not only can these cameras protect your cars, they’re also great for construction sites which are often the target of theft due to the presence of expensive plant machinery, tools and building materials. You can read more about commercial cctv here: https://www.cerberussecurity.co.uk/cctv/ 

Facial temperature recognition (for covid detection)

Virus detection is definitely a new trend for 2021. We wouldn’t have given a second thought when it comes to determining the body temperature of our employees a short while ago, but now, keeping our businesses covid-secure is of vital importance. Just one employee coming into work with a covid infection could spell disaster for your business which we’re sure has already suffered the effects of COVID 19. That is why, when you’re considering the top technology to protect your business in 2021, you need to consider protection against viral outbreaks. 

Facial temperature recognition cameras are able to scan and monitor the temperatures of up to 30 people simultaneously. This will help you to very quickly identify any individuals who could potentially be running a fever in real-time so that they can be isolated and the rest of your employees shielded from getting sick themselves. Of course, this wont detect COVID 19 per say, but acts to detect one of the biggest symptoms of the virus and mitigate risk before it spreads. 

Mass temperature screening is an efficient way of ensuring business continuity as shops, retail units, restaurants and public spaces begin to reopen. Body temperature cameras can be placed in entrance ways and exits and are soon to be used in domestic airport situations to help stop the spread of the virus to overseas territories. 

Battery powered alarms

Battery powered security alarms deserve a place in this list, not only because they are typically more affordable than wired commercial security systems, but because of how flexible they are. There are no wires, which means you can place the alarms in hard to reach areas and you don’t need to rely on mains power. 

Most of our battery powered alarms allow you to monitor your premises live in real-time from the device of your choice, which means you can always remain vigilant, and because there are no wires, you can pretty much install battery powered alarms anywhere for your own convenience and peace of mind.

Access control

Access control technology is fast gaining popularity right now - partly due to the need for crowd control during the pandemic - but what is it and why is it a top technology to protect your business in 2021?

Access control technology is basically a means of controlling who can and cannot enter your building or various areas within your building.

 It is a form of electronic security monitoring that typically uses access cards or other identifiers to allow or deny access to any given area. Typically, the system will also log who accessed which area and when they did so. As you can imagine, this gives you the highest level of control over your business premises, your employees and any visitors to your site. It is ideal for locations where privacy and safety are of the utmost importance.

Secure email 

Email fraud continues to grow as hackers are continuously developing new ways to access personal information and email accounts. If your business regularly transfers sensitive data and email correspondence, it's no longer enough to use Gmail or Outlook right off the shelf. It’s important to invest in email security, not only to avoid hacking, but to prevent accidental data breaches as a result of a mistype or misend. We’ve all been there!

Keeping your business secure has never been more important. It’s worth considering all of your security risks, how these might impact your business and how to mitigate them through the use of technology.  BCA IT in Miami is an IT support service provider skilled to provide you assistance with your technical needs.

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