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5 Ways to Approach Complex Technical Problems in Business

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In business and life, you'll encounter many problems. Some of the problems you'll face will have multiple issues involved. Because of that, you need to know how to solve multi-faceted problems effectively. Not only will solving the problem get rid of it, but you can make your entire business more efficient and productive. You don't need to be an expert in all areas of your business, but you should know how to solve what you can and when to ask for help.

1. Determine the Focus of the Problem

A lot of multi-faceted problems in business take root in one area of your company. Perhaps you're having cash flow problems and it's affecting payroll and your ability to pay rent on the office. It may seem like you're paying too much in rent or salaries, but think about how much money you're taking in. It could be that you're not charging enough for your products or services. Or maybe you aren't selling enough. If you're having issues with your business's technology, it could be that you need to upgrade your internet, or your computers need to update to the latest operating system.

2. Think Big Picture

Once you figure out what part of your business is causing the problem, you need to take a step back and look at how it's affecting all of your business. If you can look at your business as a whole, you can determine how significant the problem is. In some cases, you'll know that you need to take immediate action to fix the issue. On the other hand, some problems may seem large but are easy enough to solve and don't require your attention right now. For those problems, you might be able to hire a company like Talentpowered to help you fix those complex issues.

3. Work With Others

If you realize that you can't solve the problem you have on your own, you should bring in some help. Of course, you can work with a business apartment, managers or executives. However, you can also work with people and consultants outside of your business. Outside people will have a unique perspective on your company, and they can help you analyze the problem from their point of view. Then, you can come up with a solution to almost any problem, and you might find that the best solution is something you wouldn't have thought of.

4. Try Different Solutions

When you have to face a multi-faceted problem, you might have to try multiple solutions before you find one that works. Once you and your team decide on one possible solution, test it out to see if it makes a difference for you. Ideally, the first thing you do will be the best option. However, if it doesn't work well, you can switch to a different solution. Keep going through each of the options you can think of until you find the solution that works the best. If nothing works, return to the drawing board and then try more solutions.

5. Communicate With Your Team

If you and your top executives can't think of a way to solve your current problem, communicate with everyone in your company. While entry-level employees might not have any ideas, some of them could have solutions. You should also communicate with your company whenever a problem exists so that you can minimize potential fallout if the problem persists. If you want your employees to trust you and work with you, you have to trust them. When you have that trust, you can look to anyone in your company for ways to solve problems.


Once you follow these steps and find the best solution for your problem, you can start to implement the solution. Change is hard for any business, but it's usually worth it if it means you're getting rid of a problem. Plus, you'll be able to adapt more easily to the problems and solutions you have in the future.

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