5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Store


So, you have set up the most wonderful looking online store, and now awaiting customers to show up on the door. The traffic is less than overwhelming, what could be the reason?

You have the right products, a good-looking site, and competitive prices - what is missing?

It takes much more to lure them in. From effective SEO to the right use of social media, lead generation is a process that involves an amalgam of strategies.

Let’s look at some of the most successful ways to drive more traffic to your online store.

1.    Start with SEO

A large percentage of your traffic is organic, i.e., it comes from search engines. As search engines are getting smarter and consumers are moving towards mobile and voice searches, SEO has become more complicated. You need to catch up with the latest SEO requirements to ensure your search engine visibility.


Speaking of visibility, you’re virtually non-existent if you aren’t present on the first page of the search results. It is getting more and more difficult to earn a spot there. SEO is not just limited to content; it also expands to the design.

The reason this is the foremost point on our list is that you need to keep SEO in mind from the very beginning, even before you choose a design for your online store.

Invest in keyword research and make sure you cover all your top keywords effectively. Treat SEO as an ongoing process and try to stay up to date with the changes in algorithms and search metrics, so that you can refine your content and design before your rank is negatively affected.

2.    The Good Old Email

Email marketing doesn’t just drive traffic, it has one of the best conversion rates. This means people who click on an email to visit your store are more likely to make a purchase. You get better customer retention and acquisition, which means you will bring new customers and the old ones back as well.

Not to mention, the cost of customer acquisition via email is lower than that of other lead generation and marketing methods. It is because you have more freedom to create highly targeted campaigns that are most likely to get attention.

Targeting is essentially the key to effective email marketing. If you have created the right segments and you know them well enough to market the right product, they are definitely going to click.

You can further improve your email opening rate by including the right visuals, a customer-centric copy, and an irresistible CTA.

3.    Social Media Marketing

On average, people spend more than half of their internet time on social media sites. This makes them the best platform to capture attention. Social media marketing campaigns can be a total game changer for businesses. Over the years, we have seen numerous businesses that have trend themselves into a well-known brand solely through smart social media marketing.

However, social media isn’t limited to Facebook and Twitter. Businesses have more to gain from platforms that focus more on the visual impact. You can showcase your product better on Instagram and even Pinterest. Leather Skin Shop is a fine example of how Instagram can be best utilized for traffic generation.

However, you need to stay active on thee platforms to keep appearing on your prospect's timeline. You can also create targeted ad campaigns to make the most out of these platforms. Since social media platforms have access to a large amount of personal data, they tend to help you create more targeted campaigns.

Influencer marketing is also a very efficient extension of social media marketing as it solidifies your credibility.

4.    Create an “Offer”

An offer they can’t ignore. Creating special offers and giveaways is the best way to gain attention. It will even get you the attention of a user who would otherwise not be interested in your product. A great campaign on social media or paid ads can create a huge surge of traffic for your store. And the conversion rate is also higher for such promotions.

You can leverage almost any occasion to create special campaigns and offers to lure more people in. For instance, businesses usually come up with sales campaigns during the holiday seasons because they know it is the time when people are ready to buy.

When creating an offer, it helps to make it more competitive. People are most likely to compare your offer to that of your competitor to see where the value is.

For traffic generation, you can also create coupons that can only be accessed and availed on your website.

Promote your offer through paid social media or search engine ads. The ROI is good.

5.    Create Backlinks

If you are thinking just in terms of people who are looking for your product or services, you are limiting your own potential. Some people may not be directly looking for what you are looking for but something relevant enough to make them a strong prospect.

Think of it this way. A person looking up information about branding is most likely to invest in a custom logo design services or any other product or services required for branding. That is why blogging is still a crucial aspect of lead generation. You need to put more relevant content out there. Not only will it establish your authority over your nice, but it will also help you get backlinks to your store.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your online store, and it will also boost your search engine ranking.


So, these are the five top ways to drive more traffic to your site. The fact of the matter is that you need to spend time as well as money to bring people to your store. It may be a welcoming place, but you can’t expect people to take notice without going out of your way with the invitations. Treat traffic generation as an ongoing process and keep an eye on the latest trends.

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