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5 Ways to Enhance the Digital Customer Experience

Did you know that 97% of consumers believe customer service is important when choosing a brand? If you are struggling to convert visitors to your website, then your digital customer experience is probably at fault. All you need to know are the correct steps to take, and you can soon start converting those leads.

From mobile optimization to measurement, we can help. Read on for our must-read guide on transforming the digital customer experience.

1. Optimize For Mobile

Having a great, functional, and informative desktop site may have taken you a long time to perfect. You may have put time and money into it. Unfortunately, unless you optimize for mobile, then it will be useless.

Over half of global web traffic comes from a mobile device. As mobile phones have their own rules for functionality and experience, then you must pay attention to them. If not, you could lose half of your traffic as people turn to more responsive websites.

The two main areas you should look at are load time and how easy it is to navigate the page. If a page takes a long time to load, people will go elsewhere. This can impact your bounce rate, an SEO measurement that looks at how long people stay on your webpage.

Your page needs to be easy to navigate so people can find what they want. A mobile responsive web theme will rearrange buttons and menus so they are easy to click and scroll through. It will also resize images so that they fit correctly into the confines of a mobile screen.

When designing your mobile navigation, stick to the rule of three clicks. This states that people should be able to find anything on your website in three movements.

2. Use Data

You can improve a digital customer experience by turning to your data and analytics. This can be done by checking what visitors do and where they go when they come to your site or app.

For example, you may see that many customers are having problems ordering a particular product. You can then analyze their journey and see how you can make the process much simpler for them. You may find that customers arrive at the site and are attracted to one particular section or product, which may benefit from extra promotion or its own dedicated landing page.

One way to do this is to create a customer journey map. This is a map of your customer's progress from arrival on the site to making a conversion. If you align this process with a sales funnel, you may be able to increase sales.

3. Measure Satisfaction

One of the most important digital customer experience tips is to allow customers to measure their satisfaction. To benefit, you need to integrate ways in which this can be done easily.

This has a number of benefits. The customer will feel valued and know their opinion matters. This helps build the customer-client relationship.

It also lets others see the benefits of using your services or product. Even a bad review, if replied to correctly, can make you look good. All of this helps to build brand awareness.

Finally, you can use this feedback to inform future practice. This can be put toward developing the digital customer experience further.

4. Focus on Autonomy

Improving the digital customer experience is about making the process easier for the customers. The ultimate goal is for them to be able to find the product and purchase it quickly and easily, without having to interact with you at all. This means setting up the infrastructure to allows customers to problem solve and make decisions on their own.

The less time you have to spend responding to queries and questions, the better it is for you. Make sure you include self-service options, so customers can have an easy checkout.

There are a number of other self-service options available. Online discussion forums can help, as can knowledge bases and FAQ sections of the website. However, there should always be a final option for customers to contact a real person should these avenues be exhausted.

5. Stay Focused on the Customer

It is very easy to get carried away with the multitude of choices available when building a digital presence. However, any decision you make should focus on how it impacts the customer.

If you find a great new website technology, do you need to implement it? Will it benefit the customer, or is it justs something that is new and will look good? What value does it add to them?

When you are unsure of the direction to take, then do not be afraid to ask for help. Start with your customers themselves. Ask what they want from the digital experience and how it can be improved.

Once you have these answers but are unsure of how to implement them, then contact a professional company for advice or assistance. If you try to guess and the changes do not work out, then you are just wasting time and money. A professional company such as will have the experience and tools to be able to advise and implement this.

Finally, any decisions you make should be based on data. This should include their feedback, behavioral insights, and the way they operate.

Embed the Digital Customer Experience

The digital customer experience is not something that should be assessed, implemented then left. It should be regularly revisited and embedded in all of your online procedures. As technology and the needs of customers change, so you will you, and you will always be ahead of the curve.

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