Friday, September 29, 2023
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5 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Teaching Skills

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
- Paulo Coelho

Each time step on the mat to teach, you not only inspire and spread yogic wisdom but also create an opportunity to learn and grow as a yoga teacher. Every experience is a doorway towards new learning, and implementing the same lesson can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. Teachers should never stop learning and improving, it is a continual process, no matter how experienced or flourished a teacher you’re. Self-improvement is an endless voyage, as we grow the practice changes, and change being an inevitable part is the way to improvement.

The whole process aids you to be fluid, so you can adjust, adapt and grow limitlessly. The same thing you learn during Yoga teacher training in Nepal. Keep all pieces of advice in mind, learn from experiences, and with these five ways enhance your yoga teaching skills.

Change the Practice Routine

Yoga is an endless expedition, and an inexpressible experience, yoga is everything, yoga is a way of living. Explore and adapt every aspect of the practice to flourish, grow and improve the skills. Take a break from asana practice, break the monotone routine, and for few days try something different. Changing up the routine and taking time away from the same provides inspiration, makes you explore new things, and this way you can see clearly where you stand as a teacher and a yogi. Space is required, which helps to reignite your passion and love for yoga practice and makes you remember why you’re teaching.

Practice Teaching to Grow

Throughout the years of practice and even during yoga training and yoga retreat in Nepal, you learned the value of practicing and teaching. Taking break doesn’t mean you go off from yoga practice for days and weeks, stick to it in one or the other way. You can go on a retreat, practice teaching, attend or setup a workshop, learn a new technique, etc. Practicing teaching is an amazing way to evolve, try new thing and enhance the skills. This helps you to garner instant and accurate feedback, and of course the more we practice, the better we get.

Read, Write and Improve

Doing other activities surely inspire and influence the teaching skills, and it is important for someone who strives to be a better teacher. Develop the habit of reading and journaling, as they both act as a useful technique to enhance yoga teaching skills. The reading and writing exercise broadens the thought process and additionally helps your vocabulary as a yoga teacher. The book and your journal should not always be related to yoga, but yes you can indeed read scripture, yogic book, write about the experiences, and more. Even during the yoga retreat in Nepal or anywhere else in the world, the curriculum includes the reading and writing practice for relaxation and self-exploration.

Push Boundaries and Enjoy Newness

Embracing your body limitation is essential, but sometimes there is no harm in pushing the boundaries of the comfort zone but taking care of the health. Pry yourself out from the comfort zone and let yourself garner the opportunity to explore and explode with excitement. Don’t hold yourself back and go beyond like 60-minutes of flow class or a day for silent meditation, etc. Now try to incorporate the same into the teaching, and enjoy the newness along with your students.

Continue the Learning

Education is one important thing to consider when it comes to improving and enhancing your yoga teaching skills. So don’t stop learning, as life never stops teaching us. Make the most out of the experiences and opportunities. After completing 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Nepal or at any other yogic land, find time to continue education, and enroll for advanced training programs and workshops.

Grab all the wonderful chances to sharpen and upheave your yoga teaching skills, and take a step ahead to be a great teacher.

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