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5 Ways To Get Into the World of Sales

The world of sales is larger than most outsiders initially expect. There are many types and variations within the field of sales, so, if you are interested in entering the field, you need to know which type of sales you are most interested in working in. Almost any company in the world can benefit from hiring salespeople who can spread its products around the marketplace. Here are five ways to enter the world of sales.

1. Sales Managers

Sales managers usually preside over a given region, and they are less often involved in the direct sales process than the average salesperson. Instead, regional sales managers focus on improving sales strategies. This could involve using route planning software to increase efficiency in delivering products, creating sales objectives and quotas, creating training programs, managing a sales team, or a myriad of other obligations. Sales managers are usually higher-level employees who need to have experience in managing teams, and while sales experience will likely help, it is not always necessary for a sales manager to have sales experience to do effective work.

2. Business to Customer Sales

Sales jobs that involve primarily selling products to individual customers are typically easier to get hired to and require less experience. These types of salespeople are commonly found in jewelry stores and car dealerships, as well as other high-end stores that sell expensive merchandise. Because these jobs require less experience and deal with individual sales rather than large bulk sales, these jobs tend to pay less. However, it is still possible to make a healthy living off of the commission payments you receive at these lower-level sales jobs, so do not immediately discard them.

3. Business-to-Business Sales

Sales jobs that involve selling large amounts of products or services from business to business are generally higher-paying jobs that require more experience and are less common. These types of salespeople are usually found at technology companies or other companies that sell their products in bulk to clients who need large numbers of products, such as banks or schools. Many people in these positions rely heavily on commission payments rather than salaries. It is very possible to make a comfortable living if you are an efficient salesperson in the business-to-business end of sales.

4. Freelance Salesperson

Freelance salespeople are not employed by any single company. Instead, they provide independent services that any company can purchase when it has a specific sales need. These people usually have to travel consistently to get sufficient work, and they also have to know where to look for work and how to advertise themselves. Freelance salespeople usually need to have some kind of presence or name recognition in the world of sales from being a successful employee at an established company before they can be successful as independent representatives. Without that kind of presence, companies will have no incentive to hire them.

5. Client Services

In a sense, you can look at client services as a way to keep clients returning to buy from your company again. Client services representatives build relationships with clients who have purchased from the company in the past and addresses and comments or concerns the client has. The concerns can range from complaints about the sales representative to technical issues encountered while using the product. Client services help ensure that past and present clients have a favorable opinion of the company so that the company can continue to grow in the future due to positive experiences and coverage.


The field of sales encompasses a wide range of skill sets and interests. There are sales jobs available in almost any industry that sells a product or service, so you will likely be able to find one that suits you if you are interested in joining the business. If you think that you have what it takes to work to make most of your money on commission, sales might be the right fit for you.

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