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5 Ways to Maintain a Home Yoga Practice

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One of the most pleasing, liberating and wonderful aspects of yoga practice is that a person is not bound to follow the set patterns to practice like the other fitness regimes. For yoga practice, one doesn’t need a particular place to be at or require heightened equipment, etc. Yoga is accessible and designed for all, and can be performed sitting anywhere home or studio. Yoga practice meets the one who is willing to approach it.

Defining the journey the aspirants do take several steps ahead for significant growth and better understanding by joining professional studio class, then going for yoga training and undertaking luxury yoga retreat, etc. But the first step towards the transformative journey of holistic art of yoga is through home self-practice.

Many yogis forget the value of personal practice, which is required for a continuous extension for forming and maintaining a strong base. So here are the five ways to maintain a home yoga practice to be a true yogi and garner the real essence of the practice.

Always do What Feels Right

It is very essential to do what feels right to you and for you - both on and off the mat, and not what the social self asks you to do. Honor your mind, body and soul and their limitations to make yourself feel better after every session. Try to take few minutes for the practice, like seven minutes as the eminent yoga teacher Mark Whitwell says. It is advised to do it in the morning because as the day launches we keep prioritizing other things over self-care. Morning hours are the right time to take a dig for a healthy body, and the peace and quietness fill you with more positivity.

Stick to the Routine and Regularities

Mastering the regular home practice is the way of mastering the mind, so it is important to know the benefits of the daily practice and the commitment you made for self-care. To do so, one needs to stick to the set routine and regularities including practicing the same sequel for a few days repeatedly before switching to the next. The whole concept is more transformative and makes you feel at present. Practice on the same spot you started with as the place outshines the positivity of its own, and escalates the practice.

Start with Setting a Daily Intention

It is great to stick to a routine, but midst one can set their daily intention to make the session more meaningful and purposeful. So, the way to carry forward the practice is to keep it enticing by adopting the mantra of new day intention. Give yourself something to focus on, new energy, something that gives you more impetus to be focused on the new set intention. Take the positivity ahead with you for the day, and take an encouraging and robust step towards maintaining the regular practice routine.

Mindfulness is Required

It is well said that your body knows the best, and when you stay aware of your whole being then only it is able to take the right decisions. So it is required to know the body during the practice and pay attention to each movement and breath, thoughts, next move, etc. All this affects the practice and being mindful helps in making the yoga practice more enticing and enchanting every time you step on the mat. Undergoing yoga teacher training or luxury yoga holidays in India is no doubt a great choice but, the journey is incomplete without maintaining the home yoga practice.

Keep Rewarding Yourself

Whether working on establishing the self-practice or maintaining it, one thing that should never change is being kind to yourself. Buy a new yogic prop or apparel, take yoga training or go for luxury yoga holidays in India, write the experience or teach others, etc. This way you remember the motive and reason behind the personal practice and benefits you would repeat after.

So, these are the simple, easy and effective ways for both creating and maintaining a home yoga practice.

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