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5 Ways To Promote Your Business Online & amp Offline

Small businesses can use a variety of marketing methods to promote themselves, ranging from Facebook advertisements and newsletters to traditional print and public relations. What's the best one?

The goal of this article is to polish your entrepreneurial skills to promote your business by using only the five most popular means of online and offline marketing and advertising for small businesses.

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1. Media relations

A.K.A. public relations, simply media relations is getting articles about you in publications and online.

Perhaps you’ve achieved a goal, or signed a contract, launched a product, or your business's anniversary, these kinds of things can easily attract the media.

One other method of obtaining coverage is by giving advice or having strong views on a particular subject and being prepared to express them openly.

How does PR benefit a company?

Your target audience will see you as long as your ads appear in the correct locations. As a small business owner in the engineering field, it is beneficial to be featured in select trade magazines. When it comes to promoting your restaurant, however, local newspapers and magazines are ideal. 

Not only does such coverage enhance your profile, but it is also a great way to convey factual information about your company, as well as engage the public in discussing its values and culture.

2. Social media

By implementing social media into your business strategy, you can connect with existing customers and reach out to those who have not yet heard about you. A recent report found that 58% of consumers visit social media pages before visiting a brand's website - a rise of 81% over last year.

What are your business goals?

If you are planning to use social media to market your business, think about your goals first. Would you like to reach a wider audience, get more traffic to your site, or boost sales?

Furthermore, you should know who your target market is, how they gather and consume information online, as well as what kind of content they enjoy. 

3. Digital advertisements

By marketing your business using digital advertising, you will be able to target specific audiences, develop data-driven strategies, and deliver measurable results. Paid social, display, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) are the three main channels for digital advertising. They are all cross-platform. 

It’s not easy to advertise online, however, there is complete and utter transparency and accountability - you can track your budget to the penny as well as what components were most effective.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Google Ads, Google's online advertising network, is often used for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Your advertising budget can be optimized so that you get the best return on investment as well as reaching your target audience. Advertising on PPC can include targeting so that your ads appear only for people who searched for what you offer.

Display advertising?

You should consider display advertising instead. If your goal is more brand awareness than leads.

You'd be surprised to know that Google Display Network (GDN) reaches 90 percent of everyone on the Internet. It is possible to remarket to past visitors who have not converted to remind them of the value your business can offer. 

Paid social advertising?

Although it is free to set up a social media account, you may want to invest in paid content as well, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. An example of this would be setting a budget to boost a post, increasing its visibility.

4. Direct mail

In the days before digital marketing, direct mail was also known as junk mail. The doormat was always piled with letters and leaflets every morning. Its success had turned out to be a disadvantage, however – it lost all of the targeted messages to the irrelevant ones.

If you follow three key rules, direct mail can be incredibly effective:

  • Make sure your data is of high quality. Keep your database updated and clean if you are managing it yourself. A reputable data broker is another option - and they aren't as expensive as you might think.
  • Send relevant content. You can't promote a children's nursery to an older demographic.
  • By standing out and including messages that resonate with the recipient, your mailer will grab the recipient's attention.

The cost of direct mailers is higher than that of e-shots, but their impact and effectiveness are greater. It is easy to delete and discard emails, whereas physical mailers are more difficult to ignore, especially if the content is amazing.

5. SEO

Search engine optimization has become a key means of marketing a business online. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to have an optimized website, and SEO plays an important role here. 

To make sure your websites appear in search engines like Google when relevant search terms are entered, you must optimize them in three ways: 

  • Technical 
  • On-page 
  • Off-page

With technical SEO, all of your target pages will be easily and quickly accessible to Google so they will be able to rank. SEO is more than just having a technically sound site.

Customers want to read about your products, and that means having valuable, interesting content that's optimized for search engine rankings. 

Here are some tips on writing for your website

  • Do not write for a search engine, but a user. Users won't convert if your content isn't readable.
  • You must optimize your copy and HTML code to ensure that you have the best page title, H1 tags for heading, internal website links, proper image description on every page of your website. 

Now that you have quality content online, you need other sites to 'vote' on it. Link building through natural means and manual means such as guest posts, collaborations, blogging, and press releases.

These are the top 5 ways to promote your business entrepreneurial skills. It includes both online and offline marketing tactics. Marketing is a vast field. There are 100s of other strategies to promote your business but choose them according to your needs and budget.

Share with us your thoughts and methods of business promotion, we will include them in our next blog.

Happy Marketing!!

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