5 Ways to Reinvent Your custom Packaging Boxes


It does not matter what product you are selling, its packaging is very important. It has many roles to play like keeping the product safe, allowing it to be simple to transport it, giving the boxes an attractive look, etc. Products have to have packaging so that they can become shelf-ready. With the help of boxes, you can limit the risks of harm occurring to the items within. Packaging boxes are usually the thing that gives the first impression of your business. If it is done right sales can increase.

Interesting facts about custom packaging boxes

Custom product packaging is the one that is made according to what the client wants. Here the product and customer base are kept in mind. This allows something unique and creative to be made which is perfect.

The boxes can be reinvented so that they stand out in front of the competition. This is important if you want them to get noticed.

The following are 5 ways to reinvent your custom packaging boxes:


1.   Make them so that customers are drawn towards them

Custom packaging is made according to what customers like will be able to allure them towards your brand and products. You need to know who your potential consumer base is. With this information at hand it is possible to select the best colors, designs, etc. of the boxes.

Research on who the consumer base is. Find out their age range, gender, where they stay, how they shop, etc.

For instance, if you are selling a product for adults like cigarettes you will not want kids to think it is something for them. The packaging should look serious and be decent. When it comes to making packaging for kids, a wholesale packaging supplier can help you by suggesting bright and fun boxes with cartoon images.

2.   Boxes should be of a good quality

When you want to reinvent your boxes consider making them so that they are strong. The material chosen for packaging should be of high quality so that this image is produced of your business.

Popular material options include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are said to be safe for products like food ones and are strong also. They will provide safety to what is being put inside the box. The material you use for food packaging for instance should not have any kind of toxicities which can harm consumers’ health.

The materials are environmentally friendly also. The brand will get an image of being responsible and sensible if it uses these. Choose a “box company near me” which provides materials that are of good quality.

3.   Keep shape and size in mind

The shape and size of the boxes are important also. You can get the boxes made into the shape and size of your choice. The shape can be something unique that will attract customers.

You need to choose a shape that will not harm the safety of the product that is put within the box. It should be easy for storekeepers to handle and stack the box also on a store shelf.

Size matters as this can further enhance the safety of the merchandise within. If you get a box that is too large for instance you will be wasting money on material that is not needed.

One which is too small will cause the products to be squashed inside. A large box will also cause movement to occur which can harm the items inside.

4.   Increase brand awareness

Use custom packaging boxes to increase brand awareness. These are able be employed to help get a brand to be known. When reinventing packaging you will have to design this so that it stands out and gets noticed. When it is noticed, people will get to know your brand.

Include information on the box which will help increase brand awareness. Add a brand logo that is simple to remember. A memorable one will get noticed in a store and people will know which products are from you. The logo can have your brand colors as well for instance.

Include the contact details of the brand. It will be the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, etc. With these details, people can contact you if they want to buy more of your products. 

Use a QR Code generator to add a custom QR code on your packaging box linking to your website, social media page or even to promotional discount pages for increasing brand awareness and brand promotion.

5.   Tell about your product

Packaging which informs people of what is being sold is useful. You should include informative and honest details about the item on the box which will convince people to want to buy the merchandise.

It depends on what you are selling here. You need to find out what is required by law and what customers wish to know about the product. The details should be added interestingly so that they are read. Choose a good font that is of attractive color. Do not include too much information that the box looks hectic.

A wholesale packaging supplier can help suggest what to include. If you are selling food products you will need to tell the ingredients, nutritional information, expiry date, and manufacturing date, quantity, warnings, how to store, etc. The details should be useful.

If the food has only natural ingredients which are good for health let customers know about this. It can encourage sales to occur.

The above are 5 ways that you can reinvent your packaging boxes so that they attract the right customer base. It is possible to increase brand awareness and sales in this way. Design the boxes keeping in mind what the product is and who your customer base is. If you do this you can make something that will attract. Let shoppers know about your brand as well with packaging. This is done by including a prominent logo. When the boxes can stand out in front of the competition whilst keeping the items safe, your brand can prosper.