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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workplace

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Part of running a business is having a space to work in. A really good office can be a real draw for employees and also a source of pride in the company. Even in the age of coronavirus, your physical business space plays an important role in your business's ability to attract new employees and compete with other businesses. Here are just a few ways you can make your business space better for the people who work there.


What are the perks of working where you work? Do you get free parking? Is there a health club? A great canteen? Businesses absolutely can, and should whenever possible, provide amenities and benefits for their employees. These little perks can make the difference when it comes to attracting the best workers to your business, and retaining quality employees who might otherwise leave for greener pastures. Look into options for financing a pool, a gym or some other kind of activity space for your employees. They'll love you for it, and it will make your business really stand out. 


Showy amenities can be expensive and not everyone will need or love them, but offering support to your employees is always going to be appreciated. That support might be in the form of a generous retirement plan, or it might be in the form of paid leave, maternity support and childcare. In general, these programs of support are relatively inexpensive for your business, and they go a long way to show that you genuinely care about your employees. If you demonstrate loyalty for your employees by providing them with this basic support structure, they will be loyal right back. 


It's important to recognize the individuality of your employees by offering them options wherever possible. Not everyone will need childcare options, for example, but the ability to choose them will mean a lot to your employees. This maxim applies to everything from retirement plans to parking places to the physical space. Employees will likely need options for private spaces to buckle down and get work done as well as public spaces where they can coordinate with their fellow employees. The option to work remotely has become less of a nice perk and more of a necessity, but even without a pandemic to enforce work from home mandates, that flexibility can make a world of difference to employees with health problems, young children and long commutes. 


One of the most basic and most important things you can do as an employer to make your business spaces better for employee health. This can — and indeed it should — take many different forms. Obviously healthcare benefits and paid sick leave are a huge plus when it comes to making your workplace better for employees. Happier, healthier employees and the freedom to stay home when sick mean a better and safer workplace. With a little creativity, you might also implement gym benefits, spa days, healthier options in the cafeteria, encouragements to bike to work or ergonomic products to make your office a healthier space for yourself and your employees. 


If nothing else, you absolutely must maintain your building. A clean, well-kept workplace makes a huge difference in the happiness of your employees. Dirty floors and broken utilities aren't just bad for productivity; they can actively drive employees away. If you want to drastically improve your workplace practically overnight, get on top of your daily maintenance tasks and hire a cleaning service. That way, you can show your business in its best possible light every day. 

Making a workspace that's fun to work in should be a no brainier. Everyone wants their office to be a nice place to be, after all. If you're going to be spending a lot of time there, it might as well be a warm, inviting and engaging space. Prioritizing the the mental health, physical health and overall happiness of your employees can only help you attract the best possible people to your team.

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