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5 Web Design Trends for 2021

Each year, web design gets a stunning facelift as new marketable trends rise and fall. This year, we’re focusing on new technologies without forgoing simplicity, comfort, and a myriad of important causes. Here are some of the new up-and-coming web design trends that will benefit your website.

Scrolling Transformations

Any website that incorporates a scrolling transformation is extremely impressive, especially since this trick is still new. Each time a visitor scrolls with their mouse or runs their finger up their screen, the website changes in new ways. It’s memorable. The shifts and changes on each scroll can be cool.

You can have the color scheme or layout change each time the user scrolls. Animated transitions (perhaps even a parallax effect, like we’ll be exploring in a moment) are also a great way to give the viewer feedback when they scroll. It always makes an impression.

Parallax Effects

Parallax is a special type of optical illusion that you can use in your web designs to make your webpages look a little more surreal. With this illusion, the objects nearer to the view move faster, and objects that are farther back ‘in’ the page move slower or not at all. This creates an illusion of depth that users will enjoy as they navigate.

It's just another way to make your website stand out. Parallax effects create quite the ‘wow’ factor for your page no matter how you choose to use them. It can be a wonderful asset to your repertoire.

Cool Colors

We’re all spending more time on screens this year, which means we’re viewing more web pages than ever before. That’s a great thing for web designers, but it may not be great for our eyes. The eye strain caused by staring at screens all day (for work or play) can be damaging and unpleasant, which is why cool colors are becoming more common than ever.

For the design of your website to thrive, it needs to be comfortable to view. This year, we’re staying away from harsh colors and choosing a more comfortable palette, including soft greens, pastel shades of blue and pink, warm browns, and cool greys.


In the early 2010s, skeuomorphism was all the rage. This design feature blended the old and familiar with modern designs (think app icons from that era). Neumorphism is the successor to this design, but it’s also entirely different in many ways. This type of design uses drop shadows on products and focal points overlaid with flat colors.

The result seems surprisingly tactile. This design looks great on product images, but it’s also perfect in stylized navigation buttons, search areas, and select text boxes. For 2021, this older design variant is sure to impress.

Abstract Digital Representation

Two additional types of design may merge in new and unexpected ways: abstract art and digital representation. The abstract is the same as it’s always been, but in digital design, it has a chance to pop. Merge this with digital representations of physical objects and your website will stand out.

The way this works is by an organic approach that incorporates real things onto the ‘background’ of a webpage. The easiest example is using cosmetics: foundation, concealer, nail polish, and more on pages where colors are also ‘smeared’ across the page makes your webpage feel like it’s representing the product or idea.


Web design isn’t easy, and each new trend requires a new set of skills – that’s why most websites choose to hire dedicated web designers and developers to make their online space pop. If you’re looking for help with your website, reach out to this Black-owned digital marketing agency in Atlanta to make your website stand out. If you are looking for a good web design agency based in London which can help you with your website, then one of the best options is to connect with SinfaDigital and have a free consultation. 

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