5 Yoga Steps to Increase Fitness Level of Your Child


Yoga is for all even for children, the holistic practice increase their self-awareness and strengthens their bodies. Yoga is an amazing practice which needs to be adapted at a young age, and with this article know five yoga steps that help to increase the fitness level of your children.

When it is said that yoga is for all, then how it can just be an adult thing. With the increasing popularity of yoga, the practice entices people’s interest in it by pushing them to unravel its benefits. Yoga is highly associated with calming the mind and body reducing the stress level.

In the age of technology, it’s hard to imagine a life without mobile devices, internet connectivity, and Netflix shows, isn’t it? Well, the bad news is that, the future generation is also falling prey to it which is wreaking havoc on their health and wellness. It’s quite common to see children hooked onto their mobile devices these days rather than playing in the fields. There’s an urgent need to guide them towards healthy living and yoga seems to be the answer. Apart from yoga teacher training in India programs, numerous yoga programs aimed towards these young souls have cropped up across different parts of the country. The aim is to train children from a very young age to focus on their health and overall wellbeing.

Here’s how to introduce children to the ancient practice of yoga.

#Step1 Share your Practice adding Fun to it

The first yoga step to increase the fitness level of your child is by introducing them with the art through your practice. Share your practice with them like take them to your class sometimes, telling the stories related to yoga practice, share the fun experience of your Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or the other place you went. These things allure them towards the practice and help them adopting the same lifestyle.

#Step2 Begin with Tree and Animal Poses

Make yoga fun for your kids and allow them to explore the poses in order to bring its benefits and lifestyle changes. Start with poses inspired from nature like tree pose, mountain pose or animal poses. Kids surely love making animal shapes from their body. So start with poses like Upward Facing Dog Pose, Cow/Cat Pose, Butterfly Pose, Snake Pose (Cobra Pose), Happy Baby Pose, and more.

Step3 Be Creative with Healthy Food

Yoga regime is incomplete without having a balanced and healthy diet. But kids today are more into packaged food, sugary items or junk food. So, here you need to be a little creative and again with the magic of shapes and colors help them consume the right, nutritious food. You must have learned a few of the healthy food recipes during Yoga teacher training in India. Use the same putting your creative side into it and make them enjoy healthy food.

#Step4 Let them be Imaginative during Meditation 

Meditation is an important part of the yoga practice, but making kids do that is a big task. So in this step, you let your kids to explore their imagination while you guide them through the practice. Make them sit in a crossed legged position and ask them to close their eyes. Now make a sound (bell, chimes, music, etc.) from a distance, and ask them to raise a hand when they stop listening to the sound. Then gradually raise the bar of the practice where they need to concentrate upon multiple things including which sound is close, which is away, which is left or right and more.

#Step5 Early to Bed Early to Rise

Maintaining the right sleeping schedule is important for everyone. School going children wake up early but also encourage them to go to bed on time. Start with knowing how much sleep time your kids need, based on their age. Then create an ideal sleeping environment, make them follow the night time regime that includes brushing the teeth, putting night suits, bedtime stories and even some quick yoga poses (only if the last meal was consumed 3-4 hour before).

Yoga is proven to be a healthy and rejuvenating practice for kids as well, and with these steps, you help them to stay healthy, happy and increase their fitness level.