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5KPlayer – More Than Just A 4K Video Player

When it comes to the digital media player industry, VLC happens to be the most sought-after media player. Numerous people fail to understand that VLC does not come with the capacity of playing a 4K video as it is not a 4K video player. This video player will begin stuttering and present an entirely lousy user experience. Here is where you recognize the 5KPlayer coming in. With a 5KHD player, you can play any video on the big screen as well as the quality of the video and sound will remain unhindered.

The 5KPlayer happens to be the best media player and is entirely free in the market. It happens to be compatible to either of the Windows and Mac operating systems. 1080p screening of 4K and 8K clips without stuttering and High-quality in-built acceleration make it stand out from the rest.

5KPlayer happens to be a free UHD player with in-built video cutter to provide you with high-quality streaming of 4K/5K and even 8K GoPro, iPhone, FUHD, etc. media. It plays virtually any kind of media file including DVDs, videos (UHD/3D/HDR/360°), music, etc. on Windows and macOS with 5.1/7.1 DTS sound support.

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This h264 player comes with a fantastic downloader further, which works properly with Vimeo and YouTube along with different most used platforms for video. The most beneficial thing happens to be that this UHD player supports a union known as DLNA. It suggests that the best quality is guaranteed, and the quality and audio will not be compressed while watching.

Key features include:

  • Play HD videos, 1080p and DVDs.
  • Play AAC, MP3, FLAC, APE and other music files.
  • Built-in AirPlay sender/receiver for streaming audio and video.
  • Downloading videos online from Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Unobtrusive, Intuitive user interface.

Not just this 5KPlayer happens to be a free HD player; it additionally comes with a built-in AirPlay receiver mechanism. It can assist you to stream video and audio media from iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and iPod to either of the Mac and Windows PC operating system. You can also utilize 5KPlayer as an AirPlay sender when it comes to free streaming of MOV, MP4, MP3, M4V and AAC files from Windows 10/8/7 to Apple TV, MacBook, iMac and AirPlay speakers wirelessly. Furthermore, 5KPlayer comes with AirPlay Mirroring configuration to render prompt replication from your whole iPhone/iPad/Mac screen to Mac. It connects the Mirroring with a screen recording service to videotape up to 4K 8K UHD videos.

5KPlayer is additionally a music video downloader that maintains 300+ online video plus audio sites. Other than a subscription, you can also download 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD or 1080P HD music videos online from Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, Vevo, Vimeo, Myspace, Metacafe, UStream, Vine, CBS SlideShare, Instagram, MTV, LiveLeak, Bliptv, and free download music from Soundcloud for free.


The factor that makes the 5KPlayer more helpful than the 4K player for Windows remains the point that it possesses an in-built Airplay mirroring assistance. It suggests you can stream and share effortlessly if you happen to be an Apple user. Here are some of the primary features of 5KPlayer:

  • Playing your video in virtually any sort of format is possible. 5KPlayer supports all kinds of music, IPTV/M3U, DVD, and radio.
  • It is controlled by GPU and operated by Intel, NVIDIA, DXVA, and AMD, which suggests it gives the most suitable speed.
  • It is completely capable of managing large videos plus further can play HDR videos.
  • Editing the video, changing the playback speed, rotating it, changing its colour is possible.
  • You can effortlessly stream the videos from Android to PC/Mac plus vice versa. Also, Xbox happens to be available for streaming.
  • Now, you can also record videos that play through an iPhone screen recorder option.

If you seek an h264 player, 5KPlayer will satisfy your requirements too. It comes with practically everything. It possesses a perfect graphics card plus CPU to provide you with the most beneficial playback. It happens to be the most suitable choice for music enthusiasts who own a vast DVD set and seek downloading videos without any difficulties with video quality or audio loss.


As it happens to be a suitable replacement for a particular UHD player, you can also download pretty much of any YouTube video through it. Moreover, you can further use Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, including 300 different video portals to stream videos for free utilising the 5KPlayer. However, to avail this, you require to download the software, which is a comparatively simple method. 4K player Mac has additionally been identified to implement this; but, it collapsed when speed issues occurred.

It is where the 5KPlayer beats other 4K video players. It allows you experience to all the advantages and will permit you to see the videos that you have saved for later. It also saves the user from the time and pressure of requiring to deal with various matters for just a simple download system.

There is likewise an audio-only alternative if you need to save an audio file. Furthermore, you can also click on the toggle button to download all sorts of data from your preferred music portals, such as SoundCloud. Not just that; you can additionally download video subtitles, which happens to be an excellent option if the service is free.

DLNA and Airplay Mirroring

mirror iphone

When it comes to the most useful characteristics of 5KPlayer, its Airplay streaming and in-built DLNA options have remained unbeaten for their high performance in the market for fast media streaming. Furthermore, it is extremely capable of combining diverse contents for you to switch between devices effortlessly. Nevertheless, they need to remain on the equivalent network when it comes to this option to operate.

Alternatively, Airplay allows you to mirror the downloaded content to the Mac devices. Moreover, you can apply cast media from your iPhone to your computer or convert your iPhone into an Airplay sender so that it will support for a hassle-free sharing facility between each of your devices.

Final Remarks

The 5KPlayer happens to be much more than only a player. It can be considered the best HD player and provides you with formatting options as well as great downloading opportunities so that you can change between your gadgets and switch them to any sought resolution and format. It happens to be easy to blend into your everyday routine. Therefore, 5KPlayer is bound to turn into your preferred player as quickly as you get used to it.

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