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6 Actionable Ideas To Improve Online Marketing For Law Firms


Are you wondering how to generate more leads for your law firm? Then you must read this article discussing strategies for improving online marketing for law firms. Depending solely on your expertise and reputation to attract more business will be insufficient in today’s world. It is essential to build a strong online presence and a solid reputation in the digital world to reap rich rewards in the real world. An effective marketing plan for attorneys and law firms will help them create a distinctive identity and set themselves apart from their competitors. It will also help create a promotional message that resonates with the target audience and attract them towards the firm. The following strategies will help in creating a powerful digital presence and win prospective clients.

1. Engage Experts For Search Engine Optimization

Your professional website is the driver of your digital marketing strategy and you need to optimize it for relevant search results. This will help the interface appear in prominent positions in related search results. Search Engine Optimization or SEO does not only involve optimizing your website’s content for relevant targeted keywords. It is a collection of best practices that need to be done consistently in order to remain on top of related searches. It will be pertinent to engage SEO experts who will create a plan for your interface. They will check for on-page inconsistencies like missing page titles and meta descriptions besides conducting keyword research for discovering terms with high value and less competition. They will also invest in content marketing to get backlinks to your website from other authoritative domains in the segment. Publishing valuable content will also help in building up the image of your firm as a thought leader in its practice area.

2. Create Separate Landing Pages For Each Service

Many legal firms offer services in different practice areas. They must create separate landing pages on their website for each of these services. Linking these pages with a relevant promotional campaign will help in improving the conversion rate. Imagine you do not have dedicated pages and your campaigns or related search results drive visitors to your home page. Then the users will have to locate the practice area they are looking for assistance in, themselves. This can be discouraging for most people who will navigate away to an alternative option. Even if your firm specializes in a single field you can use the tactic to great effect. For instance, if you are a personal injury attorney, then you can create separate pages targeting medical malpractice, construction litigation, and other related services.

3. Use Video Content To Incite Trust Among The Audience

Visitors to legal interfaces are more often than not actively looking for solutions to their problems. Informative write-ups without too much legal jargon is an effective tool to convince prospective clients of your suitability for their case. However, such users are also looking for professionals they can trust. The best way to communicate your expertise as well as project a reliable image is to use video content. Create small clips where you are talking about the problems faced by your target audience. The visuals of you talking like an authority will not only incite trust but also convey your command over the subject area to the potential clients. You can post the clips on a variety of platforms like social networks, video sharing websites apart from your own interface. Publishing videos can be one of the most effective strategies for online marketing for law firms if used intelligently.

4. Create A Strong Social Presence

Attorneys must invest in creating an active presence on social networks. Almost every digitally connected person in the world uses one or the other social media platform. Not having a presence on such channels deprives you of an excellent opportunity to get in front of prospective clients. Create accounts on popular networks like Facebook and Twitter besides making profiles on professional channels like LinkedIn. Regularly post content related to your practice area and make sure that the tone is not overtly promotional. The main objective should be to provide value to the audience. This is a good way to build up a credible and professional image. You must study the target audience to choose your social channels. Let’s say you are a startup lawyer, then LinkedIn must be an integral part of your strategy as it can help you connect with new business owners.

5. Leverage Reviews To Impress Prospective Clients

People are using the internet to assess the suitability of a chosen solution or professional for their purpose. They use the feedback provided by past users to make buying or hiring decisions. Reviews can be powerful instruments to impress the target audience. You can ask your existing and former clients to leave their feedback o different virtual platforms. They can comment about your services on your website, social profiles, and Google. The positive feedback from past users will leave a good impression on the visitors.

6. Use Adverts To Get In Front Of Audiences Immediately

Using organic methods to improve traffic and brand visibility has long term benefits. However, you must not ignore the power of advertising. You can promote your firm through PPC ads targeting relevant search results or social media adverts which will be shown to appropriate audiences. This will help you get in front of relevant audiences immediately and improve the chances of getting new clients.


Online marketing for law firms is a strategic task which needs to be planned carefully. Attorneys must engage experienced law firm marketing consultants who will create a detailed roadmap for improving their digital presence.