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6 activities you must not miss during your vacation in St. John

For any tourist, the trip to Virgin Islands cannot be completed without visiting St. John, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of this place. While staying at St. John resorts, a tourist gets so many opportunities for enjoying which are enough to overwhelm him or her. If you too are experiencing the same situation, know the following amazing activities that you must not miss in St. John.

Visiting the beaches:

St John beaches

Every tourist visits St. John for different reasons. But, there is one common fact among them, i.e. none of them wants to miss a trip to the beautiful beaches of this island. To enjoy a vacation in this island fully, you just need to choose a fine resort which is situated near the beach and avail different added-on services offered by the resort to arrange picnic or simply to relax yourself in the beautiful environment of the beach. Although the Trunk Bay is one of the most visited beaches here, the other ones such as Solomon’s Beach and Hawksnest Bay are also popular among different types of tourists.


Diving activity at St. John

In the St. John Island, there are several diving spots scattered around the beach. The beautiful atmosphere here, such as warm and crystal clear water made this spot perfect for diving. You have already known that authorities of different St. John hotels facilitate the tourists to take part in these activities. With the help of your hotel authority, you too can experience it.

Enjoying water sports:

Water sports activity at St. John

Not only diving, in St. John, you get chances to take part in other water sports too. Several tourists here prefer taking part in the games like kayaking, snorkeling or sailing. If you make a proper plan, before visiting the island, then taking part in these exciting games will not be difficult.



A large part of St. John is covered with the Virgin Islands National Park. Here, you will also find hiking trails which are almost 20 miles long. Among these trails, the Leinster Bay Trail and Reef Bay hike are specially preferred by tourists. The first one gives you the opportunity to observe the animal and plant life of this place, whereas the second one facilitates you to get an excellent view of the place and its sugar mill ruins.

Trip to Catherineberg ruins:

Catherineberg sugar mill

Catherineberg ruins is another place which are highly prefered by tourists and you can visit it from St. John resorts. This factory was built in 18th century. If you want to get a glimpse of that time, visiting this place is necessary.

Attending carnivals:


Along with enjoying the nature and different water sports, there is something more to experience in the St. John. Apart from the above stated activities, you can attend the carnival too during your vacation. Usually the carnivals at this place are held in July. So, if you plan your vacation at this time, knowing the local people and their culture would be possible.

You might be interested to enjoy a picnic with your family also. The best St. John Hotels offer tourists such services too. You just need to seek help from them for getting such extra services.

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