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6 Air Conditioner Hacks for a Refreshing Room

When the sun is up, and the heat of the day is at its peak, it’s time to cool down your room with air conditioning! An air conditioner is a marvel of a machine that makes summer so much more bearable with its cooling system.

While an air conditioner works fine on its own, here are a couple of air conditioner hacks you can implement in your room to provide you with maximum comfort! Refresh your room, and enjoy the cool breeze that goes with it.

1.   Have your air conditioner checked regularly.

To keep your unit in top condition, you’ll need to have your air conditioner checked by a professional ac maintenance company every so often. We recommend having your air conditioner checked every 4-6 months, or at the very least twice a year to keep the unit going at optimal levels.

When you notice even the slightest issue with your aircon unit, don’t put off getting your unit to a reputable repair service! An aircon repair company will be able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any issues you may be having with your unit before any further damages happen.

Knowing proper aircon maintenance is the best hack of all, as many homeowners forget to avail or air conditioner servicing in the upkeep of their unit. Proper aircon care is the key to keeping your unit running smoothly for decades to come!

2.   Close the curtains.

When it’s hot out, closing the curtains or blinds can actually help keep the room cool. Drawing the curtains shut limits the amount of natural light and heat that passes through, leading to a cooling effect around the room.

However, if you have UV-blocking windows, then you can let the light through without worrying about the UV rays or the heat. Still, the less light that flows through your windows, the cooler the room will feel, and the less your air conditioning system will need to work to effectively cool the room on a hot summer day.

3.   Hang a wax room freshener.

Want a floral touch to your room, or the smell of vanilla and honey? A wax air freshener will help! While scented candles really bring the scents of a green meadow, cinnamon, and campfire scents into your home, they emit heat and can be dangerous with kids around the house.

Opt instead for some scented wax disks that you can hang directly on your air conditioner vent to circulate the smell around the room. These wax air fresheners don’t need any heat source, and often come in multiple scents ranging from floral to citrus. As an added bonus, these wax room refreshers are aesthetically pleasing, and meant to be a decorative piece as well!

4.   Clean your AC filter.

A DIY way for you to upkeep your air conditioner is to clean your AC filter regularly. The filter of your air conditioner is the part that keeps out the dust particles from the air, so it can get filthy often when the AC unit is used frequently.

Clean your AC filter by taking it out of the unit, and running it under tap water. Gently scrub the filter with soap, rinse and dry before placing the filter back into your air conditioner. This will lengthen the life of your air conditioner, and prevent the filter from becoming a fire hazard when the dust accumulates to dangerous levels.

5.   Go for the optimal temperature.

Setting your air conditioner to a low temperature may seem like a good idea, but it is actually putting a lot of stress on the compressor of your aircon unit. If the room is cold enough for you to layer on jackets and blankets, maybe you need to consider turning up the temperature a bit until you reach a comfortable level.

Alternatively, if you need to blast your air conditioner at its lowest temperature, and your room still isn’t cold enough to be comfortable, you may need to consider a new unit with a more powerful compressor as your current AC unit may not be appropriate for the size of your room.

6.   Ventilate the room with fans to help air circulation.

Sometimes, the coolness of the room is not enough to keep you comfortable. Many factors can affect the level of comfort you have in the room: air circulation, humidity, light, and air particles as well.

Apply proper ventilation around the room using a fan to circulate the air around the room. For humidity, you may want to consider placing your air conditioner in a dry setting or using a humidifier if the air is too dry for your taste. HVAC air purification systems can also be attached to the air conditioner to keep air pollution out of the room.

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