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6 Amazing Functions of Magento 2 Popups Extension to Boost Your Sale


Do you wish to draw the attention of your customers and divert them towards specific goals? If yes, then you are in dire need of the best Magento 2 Popups extension. The fantastic thing about this extension is that it enables admin to design any image popup according to the business requirement.

To enhance the effectiveness of advertising, website publishers and advertisers are now making active use of behavioral targeting technologies and techniques. The reason being, 59% of customers expect customized promotional offers. With the help of behavioral targeting, it is possible to utilize the information accumulated from an individual’s web browsing behavior which ultimately enables you to:

  1. Get a higher number of clicks;
  2. Successfully convert window shoppers into customers;
  3. Enhance return on investment.

This ultimately has a positive impact on the sales figure. The total number of visits made by shoppers at the online store, the items that they looked or purchased, and the total number of sign up intentions that ended up in registration are some of the behavioral variables that need to be scrutinized to determine the right popup trigger.

Before we move further, let’s look at the definition of a pop-up trigger.

What is a Pop-Up Trigger?

A popup trigger is an attractive call-to-action button that is displayed when a visitor comes on your website for the very first time. It is possible to set a default timer to showcase the popup trigger on your website. Now, the one question that comes to mind is, why do you need to opt for Magento 2 Popup Extension? The answer is, the default version does not support creating the popup.

As web owners, you need to take advantage of the banner pop-up to advertise your sites and to develop a connection with the target audience. This is where this extension can help admin to create different types of pop-ups that can be used to meet different types of objectives like notifications, sales promotion, newsletter subscription, or guideline.

It is an entirely customizable extension that assists in creating and designing Magento 2 popups. Experts proclaim that customers get annoyed with image popup as it disturbs them from reading or shopping online. However, surveys showcase that there is a rough increase of 1000% every month in newsletter subscriptions on sites that can be attributed solely to depicting popups. This is where this extension can come in handy to increase your sales figures.

Admin has the right to create and customize different types of popups like promotion popup, newsletter popup, popup contact form, etc. which help in conveying different types of messages to the customers.

With the help of Magento 2 promotion popup extension, it is possible to effortlessly capture the attention of your website visitors and then make them act on your goal and support your marketing strategies.

If you are someone who is annoyed with the image pop-ups, now is the time to become more acquainted with informative, timely, and well-intended pop-up.

The Various Functions Performed by Magento 2 Pop-Up Extension

Let’s now look at the different ways you can use image pop-up to renovate your online store that can have a powerful impact on product marketing.

Effortlessly Create and Customize any Pop-Up Types

With the help of the extension, it becomes easier for the admin to create an “n” number of image pop-ups, customize the design and content for these pop-ups along with the employment of different rules to depict each pop-up for specific customer groups, customer behaviors or store views. It also gives the option to set flexible time, a specific date for automatic closing or adding, animations of promotions, newsletter, subscription,  contact form, or cross-sell pop-ups.

Gives Freedmagom to Depict Pop-Ups in 6 Different Positions on Any Pages

Pop-ups surely are a great support to increase your marketing and sales effort. Your site’s subscribers also increase with its help. However, the key is to determine where and when to reflect promotion pop-up or newsletter pop-up. This way, you can avoid irritating the visitors on your site. This problem can be resolved partly with the help of a pop-up extension’s feature that ensures pop-up on all pages with different positions like the top left, top right, top center, middle left, middle right, and middle center. A prime example of this is, integrating Magento newsletter pop-up on Shopping Cart Page to prompt visitors to subscribe for vital information. You can even depict promotion pop-up for special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

Depict Different Types of Pop-Up Types on the Basis of Customer Behaviors

Popups can prove to be a blessing in disguise or a curse in hell, depending on how you utilize it. It can drive your sites’ conversion rates and sales but can also frustrate the visitors at your site at the same time. This is where it becomes essential to depict the image popup promptly. With the help of this ingenious extension, it is possible to position popups on all pages keeping in mind these four simple rules:

  1. Showcase it promptly when customers visit a specific page;
  2. Once the visitor spends X amount of time on a particular page;
  3. After the visitor views X webpages of your site;
  4. Once the scroll percentage of the visitor crosses X percent.

Choose Customer Groups and Store Views to Depict the Pop-Up

Once you restrict every type of popup according to specific customer groups and store views, it will give you the untapped potential to attract your target audience and support your marketing efforts in a more meaningful manner. It is possible to try this excellent feature through the backend setting of this extension.

Gives You the Option to Design & Edit Any Content For the Pop-Up with Custom CSS and WYSIWYG Editor

With the help of this ingenious extension, the admin can customize their popup with custom CSS and WYSIWYG editor that allows them to create content, insert videos and images, or widget on the banner popup.

Helps You Create Attractive Entrance Animations for Pop-Ups

If you wish to make your pop-ups more alluring, employ different animations for pop-ups like Move from Top, Zoom-out, Horizontal Move, and 3D Unfold.

Get a Pop-Up Extension from Magento 2 Today!

Remember, online visitors have a short span of attention when it comes to subscribing or submitting information on your site. It is easy for them to get distracted and fail to see a call-to-action button. This is where Magento 2 Popup extension can come in handy to ensure that visitors only see the popup while they are leaving, then redirect them to product pages to get hot deals or get more subscriptions. It is even possible to set images or video popups to promote new items and reflect contact form popup to get feedbacks.

At the end of the day, every business wishes to boost their sale, and this extension helps it achieve this endeavor. So, what more do you want? Try it today!

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