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6 areas to concentrate to ensure complete waterproofing of your home!

Water, water everywhere is a great quote! But only if it’s limited to poetries or beaches or swimming pools. When the same water surrounds you in your home, it increases your worries. Well, it’s actually the Water damage is an enemy of your carefully constructed home. A minute leakage in a single section has the power to bring oodles of damage to your property. Repeat after us -- a strong and long-lasting house is a by-product of carefully done waterproofing in Auckland, Total Property Maintenance carries out the job of waterproofing in your home with utmost perfection along with providing essential services like pressure wash cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc. Now, when you call them for waterproofing, cover these areas of your house:

  • The roof —Doesn’t matter if you have a sloping roof, shingles everywhere or simply, a flat surface, it’s very essential to waterproof it. This is very important if you want your home to be safe from the heavy rainfalls. Without this step, get ready for multiple leakages happening in your home from every corner.

  • The floors —Before you lay flooring in your home ensure that you are waterproofing the area properly. Because (perhaps you don't even know) the water enters your home from the ground level as well.  Especially if you are opting for hardwood floors, you just can't miss this essential step before laying the wooden panels.

  • The walls —Water damage to a property through the walls is very common as well. Before you paint your walls or install the wallpapers, do call the professional waterproofing comlast thing you want in your life. Precisely, we mean to say that waterproofing a home without any catch is entirely important and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Important sections of your house to waterproof for complete safety against water damage!

panies to check this area and seal it very well so that there is no leakage damaging your well-painted walls after you decorate the interiors.

  • The bathrooms — Your bathroom plumbing lines carrying water all around, and also there would be moisture everywhere in this place forever. But do you know you have to carry thorough waterproofing in this area as well? Yes, without waterproofing your bathroom’s walls and floors, you can’t even think of properly constructing the space.

  • The terrace and balconies — Another area to carefully remember when waterproofing your house is the balcony and/or the terrace. Because water finds quite easy access to enter your house from the open areas in this space and can easily reach the entire house in no time.

  • Basement — Let’s not forget the basement when we are talking about waterproofing the house. Your basement is often the most ignored and rarely used space, but you’ll find the water making a way in this room from the outdoors easily, and slowly the moisture from here impacts your entire house.

The complete protection of your home from water damage is extremely essential. But if you miss any of these six areas, you’ll have to face severe damage and lots of financial loss in repairing everything again as well. It's better that you prevent the issues by just being careful from the onset and keeping in mind all these locations without fail while waterproofing. 

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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