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6 Awesome Tricks to Style Your Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Style

Do you have a small bathroom and are looking for ways to decorate it? If so, then this blog-post can come in handy. There can be many homes and apartments featuring small bathrooms. But just because they are short of space doesn’t mean they can’t be designed well to make a style statement. In fact, with proper planning and a smart strategy, you can include all the essential elements like a commode, a sink and a vanity without compromising on its aesthetics. If you’re wondering how to go about it? Keep reading this blog-post and learn six awesome tricks that can instantly style your bathroom.

  1. Install a round-shaped bathroom vanity with a sink

When decorating a small bathroom, your focus should be on using all the space available without making it look clumsy. And, a sink usually takes a lot of room if not chosen properly. In this context, a round-shaped bathroom vanity featuring a circular sink will occupy a corner of your bathroom keeping enough floor area.  

  • Select a floating bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity is a must furniture piece as it can store all your toiletries and other essentials. It can also increase the aesthetics of the bathroom. However, they can take a lot of space if you’ve not considered getting the right one. That’s why choose a floating vanity that stays fixed to the wall freeing the floor space. Plus, it can also add an edge to the interiors of your shower area.

floating bathroom vanity
Floating Bathroom Vanity
  • Increase the counter over the commode

For an extremely small bathroom where there is no place for a floating or a round vanity, extending the counter over the commode to keep all your essentials is a smart idea. This is known as a banjo-style arrangement that can be achieved with a stone or a wood slab. Both of them are great in their appearance and functionality.

  • Choose a wall mounted commode

A wall mounted commode can save a lot of floor space without crowding your bathroom. It is attached to the wall directly so make sure you select a sturdy one to ensure safety.

wall mounted commode
Wall Mounted Commode

The Alternative Way: If you’re not comfortable with such a toilet, then you can opt for a regular commode that is installed on the floor. But use the space above the toilet tank by adding a shelf to keep all your essentials or décor items if you like any.

  • Hang a shower curtain

Do you like a covered shower area but there is no space for a glass door? There is a solution to your problem and that is a shower curtain. Hang it in your shower area that will divide this section from the rest of the bathroom and ensure privacy. Buy these drapes which are usually available in different materials, patterns and colours.

Expert Tip: Choose an all-white shower curtain as that can create an impression of more space and make the shower area appear bigger.

  • Add a mirror wall

Nothing can be more suitable than a mirror wall in a small shower area. Instead of hanging a mirror or two above the vanity, extend the mirror to an entire wall. By doing so, you can instantly make the space look bigger than it is. However, if you select this trick, consider good-quality frameless mirrors to add visual interest to the room. So, which trick are you choosing for your small bathroom? Or do you still feel that decorating a shower area with space crunch is impossible? Though it’s a challenging task, the above-mentioned tips can make it a possible job. What are you waiting for? Implement the trick that you like the most and design your small shower area to enjoy your ‘me’ time all the more!

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