6 Benefits of Retaining Walls: Recreating Outdoor Spaces


Retaining walls are one of the most underrated yet beneficial and versatile pieces in a landscaping project. Retaining walls can be used for numerous purposes including: stabilizing hillsides, creating outdoor living spaces, and providing safety from flooding or erosion. The function of retaining walls is to hold back soil that would otherwise slide down a hill. This article will explore 5 benefits of retaining walls and how they can add new life to your outdoor environment!

1) Enhance property value: Retaining walls not only provide a sense of stability to your property but can also add enhanced value. An example would be if you are looking for a buyer who is interested in the way landscaping and outdoor living spaces can enhance their enjoyment and use of an outdoors space, retaining walls could be one such element that enhances it's desirability!

2) Durable and low maintenance: Retaining walls are a durable choice for homeowners who want to create an outdoor living space without the upkeep. With proper installation from a professional retaining wall company, they can last well over 50 years and require little maintenance because of their solid construction! Retaining walls add stability to your property and can be designed as low maintenance elements so you can enjoy them year round!

3) Prevent erosion: Retaining walls are great for preventing erosion, protecting the landscaping below and keeping soil from washing away. When it comes to adding a retaining wall to your property, it's important to first investigate the grade of the slope you want to protect. Normally, if there is an even or gentle incline, applying soil and mulch should be enough protection for erosion purposes. On more steep slopes where water can accumulate quickly behind the wall, installing a French drain will help with preventing any future issues!

4) Provide a solid property boundary marker: Retaining walls are perfect for visually demarcating property boundaries. They can also provide a sense of privacy and security to homeowners who want their yard to be seen as something separate from the outside world.

5) Add an attractive element: Retaining walls can be used to add an attractive element to residential and commercial landscapes. They provide a way for homeowners or business owners with limited outdoor space or those who want the look of larger property, yet they require minimal maintenance and upkeep over time! They can also be used to bring an element of privacy to more wide open spaces.

6) Flood control: Retaining walls can also be excellent at controlling flooding. The slope of the wall and its height are designed to control water runoff in heavy rain or snow melt, which would otherwise have a negative impact on landscaping, structures, and property value.


In conclusion, retaining walls are perfect for creating a sense of privacy, security and an attractive element in both residential and commercial landscapes. Retaining walls can be used to add boundaries between properties or create spaces that have the look of larger property without all of the maintenance! Thanks so much for reading this post on retaining wall benefits from our blog! We hope you will find it helpful when deciding which hardscape design elements might work best with your outdoor space!

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